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King of Morocco claims, “Islam is a Religion of Peace”

Whitewashing Islam is not going to solve the Morocco’s Jihadist problem.

BY Bruce Cornibe · | September 1, 2016

It was the anniversary of Morocco’s Revolution of the King and the People but not a lot of new ideas were coming out of the king’s mouth.

In a speech supposedly given on August 20, 2016, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI continued to peddle the ‘moderate’ Islam narrative – “Islam is a religion of peace.” Mohammed VI’s speech was aimed toward the Moroccan diaspora. At the beginning of the address – at least the beginning of the transcript provided by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) – Mohammed VI states:

My dear countrymen, the whole world is talking about the problem of immigration, and about the human tragedies suffered by the immigrants. This situation is exacerbated by the spread of terror and extremism, and the attempts to link it – rightly or not – to the immigrants, especially in Europe. In this context, I call upon the Moroccans living abroad to adhere to the values of their religion and to their age-old customs, in confronting this phenomenon, which is alien to them. I also encourage them to protect the good reputation for which they are known, to persevere in these difficult circumstances, and to unite in their ranks. I call upon them to be always among the first to defend peace, harmony, and coexistence in their countries of residence.”

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Never trust the mediocre media to handle serious issues, you’ll always be left uninformed and disappointed.

Screw the entire debate about wearing islamonazi gear, entirely irrelevant when the country is being flooded with people who will eventually overturn newly enacted laws restricting their garments.

Also, I would advise people debating Islamonazis in public to remind the audience about what’s really in question, Islamic supremacy by adherents to an ideology that has 1.6 (their often quoted figures) members, which has at it’s core belief the ideal of manifest destiny.

These clothes imposed upon women/indoctrinated into wearing them are signs of that supremacy, the sharia, which is against all non-muslims, who are to be subjugated (the reason behind jihad) then given three choices, convert, submit as a dhimmi or die. Islamogarb is an outward sign that Islam has arrived, we are here to compete in th epiblic square and eventually take it over, there is no co-existence with us, but eventual surrender and subjugation, no matter how long that takes.

NOTE: Lauren Booth is an islamonazi Jew hater, inviting her onto any program was the first mistake if the intention was not to do a hostile interview with her.

‘Why do you think you should dress this way?’ This Morning burkini debate gets personal as James Whale grills Cherie Blair’s Muslim convert sister Lauren over wearing a hijab

Lauren and DJ James Whale, centre, both agreed that the burkini, modelled right, was not offensive and women should not be told what they should wear on the beach

Lauren and DJ James Whale, centre, both agreed that the burkini, modelled right, was not offensive and women should not be told what they should wear on the beach

  • Lauren Booth converted to Islam in 2010
  • Sister of Cherie Blair joined debate on France’s burkini ban
  • Appeared on This Morning wearing a bright pink hijab 
  • Said it was every woman’s personal choice what to wear
  • James Whale said he was ‘fascinated’ by her choice of religious clothing 

Lauren Booth appeared on today’s This Morning to speak out against France’s controversial ban of burkini on its beaches and explain why she has chosen to embrace wearing religious clothing.

The sister of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie, who converted to Islam in 2010 following the breakdown of her first marriage, said wearing a burkini or burka is a ‘personal choice’ and women shouldn’t all be forced to dress the same.

Wearing a bright pink headscarf on the ITV show, Lauren, 49, told presenters James Martin and Anita Rani: ‘We don’t have to feel the same and dress the same to get along. There is beauty in diversity.’

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This guy’s a dutiful dhimmi agit-prop for the Paleostinian propaganda machine, who consistently lies to the Finnish people during his visits.

BishopYounan (1)


Of course he would…….

Wet suits of course are not political, they do not represent an outward symbol of totalitarianism by a 7th century throwback religion. No one is forced to put one on, they are more than free to cut themselves on the rocks in the surf or get hypothermia. No person in the West has ever been stoned for not wearing an wet suit.

Imam tells France to ban WET SUITS in protest over burkini ban

A MUSLIM Imam has claimed the burkini does NOT display religious beliefs as he argues against the French beach ban.



A muslim Imam has stated that there is no difference between a burkini and a wetsuit amid the ban

Amar Lasfar, rector at the Lille-Sud mosque, said Muslims were being used as “scapegoats” for Islamic State’s (ISIS) bloody attacks in France.Mr Lasfar, who is also the president of the Union of Islamic Organisations in France – an organisation with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, said if burkinis were banned then wetsuits should also be scrapped.

He claimed the burkini did not “ostentatiously displays a religious affiliation” and women should have the choice to wear what they wanted.

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Doing anything they can to paint themselves as a victim, and then scream islamofauxbia to get the infidels to wet themselves into submission.

Saudi-Sponsored Report Grossly Inflates U.S. Muslim Hate Crimes

In several cases, the authors misrepresented what was reported by the media, claiming as hates crimes cases that were never investigated as hate crimes.

BY Paul Sperry · @paulsperry_ | August 19, 2016

A recently released academic report claiming the candidacy of GOP presidential nod Donald Trump has led to a mini-holocaust against Muslims in America is riddled with errors and exaggerations. Yet Muslim pressure groups are actively pushing it out to the media to support the notion that Muslims are the ones under violent attack.

Sponsored by the Saudi prince who tried to bribe then-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani into saying U.S. foreign policy was to blame for 9/11, the “special report” — “When Islamophobia Turns Violent: The 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections” — is designed to gin up sympathy for Muslims and shut down terrorism investigations in the Muslim community, as well as the presidential debate over Muslim immigration.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council — which was founded by known members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihadist movement — is distributing the report by Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding in an email alert to members. MPAC’s president, Salam al-Marayati, who signedthe emailed letter, was once kicked off the National Commission on Terrorism after his defense of terrorist acts and the groups who carry them out was revealed.

“During the course of 2015, there were approximately 174 reported incidents of anti-Muslim violence and vandalism, including: 12 murders; 29 physical assaults; 50 threats against persons or institutions; 54 acts of vandalism or destruction of property; 8 arsons; and 9 shootings or bombings, among other incidents,” the 73-page report claims. “The number of incidents in 2015 is also higher than the total number of anti-Muslim hate crimes reported in 2014: 154.”

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She just pulled an Obama……..

obama wave

How about first living in the Islamic countries of the Levant/Maghreb with a Go-Pro attached to your burka, before you start talking smack about the US of A?….


How Ibtihaj Muhammad describes life in America for Muslims.

Joseph Klein

A Muslim-American woman competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Ibtihaj Muhammad, made history as the first American Olympic participant to wear a hijab while competing. The fencer won her first round, then lost in a second round. She is due to take part in a team competition later on during the Olympics. However, with all the media attention she has received to date for wearing the hijab and speaking out as a Muslim advocate against her country’s treatment of Muslims as well as against Donald Trump, you would think she had already won the gold.

Rather than focus on the fact that she was representing America as part of Team USA, Ms. Muhammad chose to distance herself from her fellow Americans. Before the competition even began, she complained about not feeling safe in America because she was a Muslim. She has been whining about how she feels threatened because of her faith, and has politicized the Olympic Games with derogatory comments regarding Donald Trump’s candidacy for president.

Considering that “anti-Semitic crimes accounted for roughly 60 percent of religious hate crimes last year,” according to a 2015 Washington Post report, and “anti-Muslim crimes now make up about 13 percent of religiously-motivated hate crimes,” the Jewish-American Olympic competitors would have had more reason to speak out about not feeling safe in America. However, they are in Rio to compete for the gold on behalf of their country, not to trash it.

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David Reaboi @davereaboi:
“As soon as there’s a terror attack, first thing they do is call the local Islamic Society.”



Not the most trustworthy of types to be heading the CIA at this time and juncture in US history.

Saudi Arabia set to be absolved of responsibility in 9/11 in secret report, CIA chief says

  • CIA Chief John Brennan backs release of classified pages, says ‘everyone will see evidence that Saudi government had nothing to do with it’
  • President George W Bush redacted 28 pages of a report into 9/11 attacks 
  • Former Senator Bob Graham, who wrote the report, wants it published
  • Obama administration likely soon release secret papers that could light on possible Saudi connection to 9/11 
  • Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia
  • Disclosure will come at time when relations between US and Saudi Arabia are strained 
  • Saudis have long said that they would welcome declassification 
  • They said it will give them a chance to respond to allegations

CIA chief John Brennan said he expects 28 classified pages of a U.S. congressional report into the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States to be published, absolving Saudi Arabia of any responsibility.

‘I think the 28 pages will be published and I support their publication and everyone will see the evidence that the Saudi government had nothing to do with it,’ Brennan said in an interview with Saudi-owned Arabiya TV. His comments were dubbed into Arabic.

The withheld section of the 2002 report is central to a dispute over whether Americans should be able to sue the Saudi government, a key U.S. ally, for damages.

John Brennan backs release of classified pages, says ¿everyone will see evidence that Saudi government had nothing to do with it¿

John Brennan backs release of classified pages, says ‘everyone will see evidence that Saudi government had nothing to do with it’

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What would we expect from Muslims but to pimp Islam to the world?

The reality speaks otherwise:

86.8% Middle East professionals agree Ramadan one of favorite times of year – 6 in 10 respondents believe Ramadan lifts morale at work

DUBAI: It is no secret that Ramadan can bring out the best in people. Dedicated to reflection, restraint, generosity and unity, the holy month draws families and friends together to share and reflect-and for professionals in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), the spirit of Ramadan carries from home to the workplace. According to the new “Ramadan in the Middle East Workplace” poll, carried out by, the Middle East’s leading career site, a majority of MENA professionals (86.8 percent) agree that Ramadan is one of their favorite times of the year.

More than half (53.7 percent) of MENA respondents feel that they socialize more than usual with their colleagues during Ramadan. In keeping with a heightened morale and a more sociable atmosphere at work, a slightly higher percentage (56.3 percent) of MENA professionals believe that there is a noticeable increase in their company’s charitable activity during Ramadan.

Favorable atmosphere
With a favorable workplace atmosphere during the holy month, responses are fairly evenly split when it comes to taking time off from work. 53.7 percent of respondents say that they do not take time off during Ramadan and 46.3 percent say that they do at least occasionally. Similarly, just over half (56.9 percent) of respondents travel on the Eid break while the rest (43.1 percent) do not.

Of course, Ramadan sentiments of illumination and compassion are evident in MENA professionals’ personal lives as well. The vast majority (96.1 percent) of respondents say that they use Ramadan to reflect on their life and become a better person, and almost as many respondents (94.9 percent) say that they personally give more to charity during the holy month.

Additionally, more than eight in ten (81.1 percent) MENA professionals feel that they see more family and friends during Ramadan and a slightly higher number (83.1 percent) believe that their lifestyle habits are healthier for the month. It is evident that Ramadan has many positive effects on the MENA region, lifting people’s spirits and enabling their generosity-and these can be seen in many ways in the workplace.

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Same MO, different arena……..

Kos Bishop: Foreign Reporters Pay Refugees to Play Victims of Drowning

nathanail-prosfyges-708_0Foreign reporters pay refugees 20 euros to act as if they have drowned, said Bishop of Kos and Nisyros Nathanael.

The unusual testimony was made during a radio interview on Alpha 98.9 on Wednesday. Bishop Nathanael said that, “I witnessed with my own eyes foreign television reporters paying people (refugees) 20 euros to play victims of drowning.”

The bishop said that mass media are trying to present a fake picture of events, far from reality. He said it is a sin to exploit human pain.

Bishop Nathanel also said that the only people who truly help refugees are the local residents and that other organizations, government or non-government, simply assist the local volunteers.

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Muslims are like Leftists, they have to lie, and lie hard, to get suckers to ply them with cash, usually other people’s hard earned cash, that’s why there is such an affinity between them.

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Muslim hate monitor to lose backing

Ministers end funding for body that claimed ‘wave of attacks’ against Islam.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama. Photo: REX FEATURES

7:00AM BST 09 Jun 2013

A controversial project claiming to measure anti-Muslim attacks will not have its government grant renewed after police and civil servants raised concerns about its methods.

The project, called Tell Mama, claimed that there had been a “sustained wave of attacks and intimidation” against British Muslims after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, with 193 “Islamophobic incidents” reported to it, rising to 212 by last weekend.

The group’s founder, Fiyaz Mughal, said he saw “no end to this cycle of violence”, describing it as “unprecedented”. The claims were unquestioningly repeated in the media.

Tell Mama and Mr Mughal did not mention, however, that 57 per cent of the 212 reports referred to activity that took place only online, mainly offensive postings on Twitter and Facebook, or that a further 16 per cent of the 212 reports had not been verified. Not all the online abuse even originated in Britain.

Contrary to the group’s claim of a “cycle of violence” and a “sustained wave of attacks”, only 17 of the 212 incidents, 8 per cent, involved the physical targeting of people and there were no attacks on anyone serious enough to require medical treatment.

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Eh, ….Islamic State is actually Islam 101, or post-hijra Islam.

Mohamed slaughters-Banu-Qurayza-Jewish-Tribe

Norway man who joined Isis: ‘It was contrary to Islam’

Norway man who joined Isis: 'It was contrary to Islam'

Nils Christian Nordhus, the lawyer defending one of the suspects, talks with fellow defence lawyer Svein Holden in Oslo District Court on Wednesday. Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Published: 18 May 2016 16:45 GMT+02:00

A 23-year-old man who joined Isis in Syria told an Oslo court on Wednesday that what he witnessed there went against his views of Islam.

The 23-year-old, a Chechen living in Oslo, is on trial for making a terror pact with a 46-year-old Norwegian-Pakistani man. The man said he would not tell the Oslo District Court on Wednesday exactly what it was he had seen that made him want to leave Syria unless the court granted his request to hold parts of his testimony behind closed doors.

His lawyer Svein Holden lamented the fact that the request was denied.

“That means that the court will not get to hear about this incident nor about what he said to the Isis leaders to be allowed to leave. He will only give testimony about these two things behind closed doors,” said Holden.

The 23-year-old said that the incident was something he observed on a motorcycle ride along with an 18-year-old Isis recruit.

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Does this include any of the females that manage to make the trip as well?

Migrants who have crossed the border from Austria are pictured walking to a registration point in the village of Simbach in southern Germany. Officials in Austria say half of all migrants who say they are children are adults

Migrants who have crossed the border from Austria are pictured walking to a registration point in the village of Simbach in southern Germany. Officials in Austria say half of all migrants who say they are children are adults

HALF of refugees claiming to be children in Austria are adults… and many even arrive with ‘grey hair and beards’ say officials

  • Austrian officials says there has been a jump in bogus child claims
  • Last year claims by 951 out of 2,200 asylum seekers were disproved  
  • The medical tests used to prove age has cost Austria 2m euros (£1.59m)
  • The majority of the ‘fake children’ (691) were from Afghanistan 

Half of all migrants claiming to be children are lying, according to Austrian officials who say the ‘juveniles’ are sometimes in their 30s and have grey hair and beards.

The unnamed official told Austrian journalists: ‘It is completely absurd. We have men turning up here with full beards and grey hair claiming to be children.’

Austrian officials said that of 2,200 asylum seekers claiming to be children, 951 were found to be considerably older following medical tests.

But under Austrian law every person claiming to be a juvenile has to be given child status, until medical tests can prove otherwise.

An official from Austria’s Bundesamt für Fremdenwesen und Asyl (BFA) immigration agency said two million euros (£1.59m) had been spent on these medical tests. 

Very few migrants from Syria, Afghanistan or Nigeria have birth certificates or other identity papers which can be relied upon to give an accurate estimate of their age.

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The Leftist-Islamic nexus laid bare for all to see…… the morons.

If a Tory candidate for mayor was seen sharing a platform with known neo-fascists, and saying highly incendiary things that would lead you to believe that he shared their views, and ”apologized” for them because of criticism….would you believe him?

big ben

The bus driver’s son who became London’s first Muslim mayor: How ex-human rights lawyer Sadiq Khan has been dogged by links to extremists – but claims he’s a moderate who loves manicures and wooed his wife with a Filet-O-Fish in McDonald’s 

How new London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been dogged by links to extremists

London’s first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan (pictured right with his wife Saadiya and two daughters) is the proud son of a Pakistani bus driver who is so liberal he backed gay marriage and even launched his campaign in a pub. The Labour MP, 45, put tackling terrorism and ‘rooting out its cancer’ at the heart of his campaign and pledged to put the capital on a ‘war-footing from day one’.

He was helped into City Hall by Tory rival Zac Goldsmith’s campaign, which was even branded ‘racist’ and ‘outrageous’ by his own party after he claimed Mr Khan’s Labour team ‘thinks terrorists are its friends’. But Mr Khan’s career is littered with incidents where he has ended up sharing the platform with extremists and has been forced into a humbling apologies for giving the impression he shared their views. Mr Khan is also pictured in his mother’s arms (top left) and with his family in 1972 (bottom left).

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Don’t believe your lying eyes, Islam has nothing to do with ISIS, and “War is peace. Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength”!


What’s laughable is the journalist freely admits that Mohamed’s ”brothel in the sky” message was one of the recruiting tools used to entice these sex-starved males to blow themselves up for allah. Hitler plied the young minds of German with all kinds of utopian candy, and no reason minded individual will conclude that national socialism had nothing to do with it.

French journalist infiltrated jihadisti group – “No trace of Islam”

Ruutukaappaus Allahin sotilaat -dokumentin trailerista.

French journalist infiltrated a terrorist attack brooding jihadisti cell for half a year and described them with the hidden camera.


FRENCH journalist infiltrated a terrorist attack brooding jihadisti cell for half a year and described its members with the hidden camera.

The result was the “soldiers of Allah”, as a documentary, which will be aired in France on Monday night.

Under the pseudonym of Saïd Ramzi the reporter told of their experiences to the news agency AFP .

He is a Muslim who says he belongs to the same generation as the terrorists in last year’s devastating Paris attack.

“MY GOAL was to understand what was motivating their thoughts,” he says.

“One of the main conclusions is that throughout the activity I have not seen any trace of Islam. I do not see any kind want of changing the world for the better. Only lost, frustrated, self-destructive young people, who are easy to manipulate. “

“Their misfortune was born in the era of the Islamic State. It is very sad. They are young people who are looking for something, and they found this.”

REPORTER managed to contact the group through Facebook. After that, he met with the “emir”, the person called. This lead group consisted of about a dozen young people, some of them born in Muslim families, some converts.

The meeting took place in the outskirts of a town called Châteauroux, which was unoccupied during the winter season.

The “Emir” was a French-Turkish young man named Oussama . The first meeting, he tried to convince the journalist that he could expected paradise if he would do a suicide attack.

“This is the road to paradise”, Oussama says in the video.

“Come, brother, let’s go to paradise. Our women are waiting for us there, and the angels are servants. For the palace, as well as gold and rubies on the winged horse, “he says.

The journalist appeared in the group as Abu Hamza.

THE SECOND meeting in front of the mosque in the suburbs of Paris, one member of the group points to an airplane in the sky approaching the runway.

“With a small rocket launcher you could get that kind of easy … You do something like that in the name of Dawlan [terrorist organization Isis] , and France would be traumatized for a century,” he says.

Oussama is getting in contact with Isis in Syria. He was, however, arrested in Turkey and handed over to France, where he has been five months in prison.

He speaks to attack on the military base, as well as to the media, “as was done to  Charlie.”

In January 2015 the two brothers attacked the satirical journal Charlie Hebdon, killing 12 people in the premises.

THINGS are given new twists, when a person called  Abu Suleiman, returns from Raqqa, the Isis center in Syria. He tells the journalist to come to see him at the train station.

There he is greeted by completely covering niqab dressed woman, holding out a letter to the journalist.

The letter describes the plan of terrorist attacks. To a nightclub, and a command is to shoot “until dead”, waiting for the security forces and will then trigger an explosive belt.

At this point, the authorities close the loop around the group. Several members of the group are arrested, AFP says.

One of the escaped members sends a message to the journalist: “You are lost, dude.”

“At the time the infiltration ended”, Mr Ramzi said.

HS h/t: Johhny Too Bad


First from Prof. Steven Plaut writing at Front Page Magazine in 2014:

Once education and the other explanatory variables are controlled, there is very little difference between Ashkenazim and Mizrahim earnings, and in a few cases, particularly for women, Mizrahim outperform Ashkenazi women. The Ashkenazi-Mizrahi distinction certainly appears to be less important in explaining earnings differences than the distinction between native-born Jews and foreign-born Jews or recent immigrants. Here again, there are differences between men and women. Ashkenazi women slightly underperform Mizrahi women, other things being equal, while Ashkenazi men slightly outperform compared with Mizrahi men. The bottom line is that the data do not support the presumption that Mizrahim are systematically disadvantaged in Israeli labor markets.

It’s highly typical of politically active Arabs abroad painting the situation in Israel in a hysterical light. ”Discrimination and injustices” (real and imagined) that effect every single Western state in existence are highlighted in a extreme light, all because they supposedly take place in Israel. Immediately all sense of proportion and reality are tossed out the window because the Jews are involved.

NOTE: There is absolutely NO excuse for Western journalists in this day and age of the internet, to give an uncritical ear to propagandists. It’s obvious that pseudo journalist Annika Hallström (and her gatekeepers) at the Hufvudstadsbladet deems it to be her duty to spread unsubstantiated bull crap against the Jewish state.

Hufvudstadsbladet Article 14.4.2016 / Translation

A Palestinian artist is not romantic

The refuge is at Suomenlinna. Jowan Safadi in their temporary hemknutar. There is also his temporary studio. PHOTO: CATA PORTIN

By Annika Hällsten

Palestinian musician Jowan Safadi needed a break from the persecution in Israel. In Suomenlinna he found his comfort zone. Jowan Safadi, born in Nazareth, but residing in Haifa, is standing on the Suomenlinna ferry deck and looking happy. Partly (because) the weather is the best possible one morning in April, partly (because) he has a meeting with his Finnish musicians to look forward to.


Jowan Safadi is the artist in residence and the first participant of the Safe Haven project the City of Helsinki is now paying for. Safe Haven Helsinki offers persecuted artists a respite for a limited time and Jowan Safadi expects to stay in Finland for a maximum of just over four months.


Arabs who are Jews

“It’s hard to be an Arab in a racist state” sings Jowan Safadi in the song To be an Arab. The song caused a stir when it was published in the summer of 2015. Partly because Safadi sings in Hebrew, partly because the point in the text is directed against the racist Israel. The song is about Mizrahi Jews, i.e. Jews from Arab countries such as Iraq and Morocco.

– We are talking about Arabs with the Jewish religion, Jowan Sawadi explains. After the establishment of the State of Israel, Mizrahi Jews were persuaded to move to Israel but were met there by a different reality than they had imagined.

– In their home countries, the Mizrahi Jews belonged to the elite. In Israel, they were discriminated against and ostracized and treated as slaves because they were Arabs.

– It led to a situation in which they, in their attempts to adapt, became racist against Arabs. How do Mizrahi Jews react to the song?

More at Hufvudstadsbladet

The 1st Secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Helsinki, Arezoo Hersel, responds:

Even today Jews are forced to flee

Israeli agitprops

Hufvudstadsbladet Op-ed 24.5.2016: Even today Jews are forced to flee My fellow countryman, Mr. Jowan Safadi, a guest of the City of Helsinki, presented his version of history and negative interpretation of contemporary Israel in HBL’s interview (14.4.2016). He might represent the fringe of Israeli society, but certainly not its majority. In order to understand these issues, let me mention some major events:

In 1947 the United Nations adopted the partition plan for establishing an Arab State and a Jewish State in what was then the British Mandate of Palestine. It was accepted by the Jews, but rejected by the Arabs. Moreover, the Arab countries started to prepare for war against the future Jewish State.

The Political Committee of the Arab League drafted a law to govern the Jews in Arab countries, about 856,000 Jews, referred to as the “Mizrahi Jews”. It provided, among other things, that Jews suspected to be Zionists would be interned as political prisoners and their assets would be confiscated. Discriminatory legislation against Jews was enacted and pogroms and anti-Jewish riots took place in many countries, for example in Iraq, Libya and Morocco.

When the State of Israel was established in 1948, it was immediately attacked by its Arab neighbors. As a result of the conflict, two refugee groups emerged: Jews from Arab countries and Arabs of Palestine. It is important to note that many Arabs stayed in Israel and became citizens with equal rights under the law.

During its early years, while surrounded by enemies and coping with limited resources, Israel did its utmost to welcome and absorb the immigrants. Unfortunately, the same did not happen for the Palestinians: Arab countries (except Jordan) refused to grant them citizenship and intentionally maintained their status as refugees.

To this day, the hostile policy of most countries in the region towards Israel and Jews continues to force Jews to flee. For example, just last month, nineteen Jews escaped from war-torn Yemen to Israel. Nowadays, only a fraction of the once flourishing Jewish communities is left in the Arab world.

The painful journey of the Mizrahi Jews is not a mere historical fact, but part of my personal history: as a child, I escaped revolutionary Iran with my family and found a safe haven in Israel – the only place I call home. As newcomers, we were received with open arms. I was educated according to the core values of Israel – still the only true democracy in the Middle East – promoting pluralism and fundamental rights for all of its citizens, regardless of their religion, race or gender.

Unfortunately, sometimes these values are misrepresented in Israel and abroad to an extent that distorts history and facts. In democratic countries, such as Israel and Finland, everyone is of course free to express their views, even if they are extreme or offensive. However, attitudes of this nature, do not contribute to better understanding of the conflict and promoting reconciliation. Let’s advance peace through constructive dialogue that will lead to coexistence and brighter future.

Arezoo Hersel

Chargé d’affaires

Embassy of Israel


It all depends upon sharia compliance and  whether the Muslim is engaged in stealth practices in order to strategically promote Islamic goals. Giving Islam a ‘modern face’.

This imam is the same one who tried to downplay the murder of homosexuals in Islam on Finnish national TV a few years ago.

abbas bahmanpour 30.10.2013

Islamic etiquette 

Imam Abbas Bahmanpour was asked in the paper about the customs of Finnish Muslims after controversy in Switzerland over a Syrian family’s asylum application, which was reportedly frozen because the family’s two teenage boys refused to shake a teacher’s hand.

“Islam has very strict chastity mandates, one being to avoid all physical contact with the opposite sex,” Bahmanpour says in Ilta-Sanomat. “The line is drawn clearly for clarity. Otherwise many might ask whether hugging is alright if handshakes are, if kissing is allowed if hugging is, and so on.”

Vice chair Pia Jardi of the Islamic Council of Finland says in the piece that Muslims hold different interpretations of the no-touching rule, and that following or refusing to follow Finnish greeting etiquette is a personal choice.

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Two sides of the same societal jihad coin…..

There is only a nuance in the differing strategies of societal takeover between violent jihadis and adherents of MB Salafism. One group wields a Kalashnikov, the other a computer keyboards and infiltrate the many religious dialogue panels and op-ed columns.

Mark Durie at MEForum

“The Brotherhood is more deceptive in language and appearance than Salafis. Salafis tend to be separatist and can give the impression of being focused upon personal religious piety, which separates them from those who do not share their beliefs. Salafis also tend to speak using pious religious jargon, making few concessions to the communicative norms of others. This is mirrored in their manner of dress, which concedes nothing to secular fashion sense.

In contrast the Brotherhood’s approach is to penetrate and transform western institutions, with the ultimate aim of bringing about the same end as the Salafis. The Brotherhood may seem more pragmatic and accommodating than Salafis, but this is little more than a strategic tactic on their part, not evidence of a fundamental difference in ultimate goals. Brotherhood ideologues can be very skilled in modifying their rhetoric to suit their audience, but this is not an art Salafis have much time for.”

From Down under:


Australian Muslims speak up


Nine men and women from around Australia give voice to what it’s really like to live as a Muslim. Aisha Novakovich, 32, community advocate, law student and mother of two tells of her journey to radicalism and back. Beau Donelly reports.

As a teenager, I had a laminated photo of Osama Bin Laden in my bedroom. A friend once saw the photo and demanded to know why I had it. I told her he was my hero and that I wanted to be one of his wives; that the media was manipulating his image because he was challenging US hegemony.

From the age of 14, I wore the niqab – the full face veil – with gloves. My mother hated it and said I was becoming a fanatic. For me, it became a marker of difference in the face of discrimination. At university I was determined to learn the political systems in the West in order to subvert and challenge them from within. I believed we needed a caliphate. Eventually, I started to flirt with ways I could leave Australia to join the fight against foreign oppressors. Given different circumstances and times, I might have joined a terrorist organisation when I was younger.

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What a bunch of bull crap…….

Christians and Jews, Hindus and Buddhists all over the world are being persecuted for their faith and ethnicity by Muslims (relying on classical Islamic texts for validation) and do not behave like Muslims. Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Christians in the US/West are not creating terror cells to carry out attacks on Muslims anywhere that they can find them because, Muslims elsewhere, are murdering their co-religionists. Only Muslims are doing that because the koran and other Islamic texts sanction it.

NOTE: The problem is Islam itself, in particular, Post-Hijra Islam, the Medina period that abrogates the Meccan period. Full stop. Do not be taken in by these propaganda spin-meisters.

‘Swedes must realize only soft power can defeat radicalism’

'Swedes must realize only soft power can defeat radicalism'

File photo: Mstyslav Chernov/Wikimedia

Published: 20 Apr 2016 07:39 GMT+02:00

The pen is mightier than the sword, the old saying goes. The challenge presented by radical Islamic extremism to the civilized world is one that cannot be defeated solely by military means; it is the nature of such radicalism to metastasize and grow when it is physically attacked.

This is because extremism of this sort is based on the belief that Islam is besieged and persecuted by armies of infidels and it is the duty of “true” Muslims to kill in its defense. The fact that the shocking attacks in Brussels last month came just days after the arrest of one of the planners of the recent Paris attacks demonstrates this martyr effect.

Swedes shouldn’t overlook the significance that one of the suspects in the attacks became radicalized in Malmö. Why were ideas grounded in hate and violence more attractive than the tolerance and understanding typically associated with Swedish values?

One source of strength and strategic advantage among these radicals is in their belief that terrorism is sanctioned by God. This is the great “mirage” of extremism and no amount of military hardware can defeat it.

Rather, extremism must die in the battlefield of ideas.

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The silk tongued jihadi in a suit…….


Daniel Greenfield

Tariq Ramadan was barred from the US under Bush, but Obama threw open the doors for him. Ramadan was billed as a moderate reformer. And here is the “moderate reformer” on the Brussels attacks. After the formality of condemning the attacks, mumbling that terrorism is wrong, Ramadan pivots to the same old song and dance.

We cannot, today, afford to disconnect these events with the violence, terror and death that have long been commonplace in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, and in Africa and Asia more widely. European and American foreign policy does not happen in a vacuum, as those who target us have repeated in countless videos: You have caused war and death in our countries, now you will suffer the consequences.

Now the “war and death” that ISIS terrorists are talking about is the US and the rest of NATO pushing back against its genocide of Christians, Yazidis and other minorities. Or to put it another way, American intervention against Islamic terror doesn’t happen in a vacuum either. “You have caused war and death in our countries, now you will suffer the consequences.”

But what is Tariq Ramadan really suggesting? That bombing ISIS is wrong?

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