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Finland: Helsingin (Pro-Sharia) Sanomat propagandizes readers with philo-sharia mumbo jumbo spewing professor Asifa Quraishi-Landes…….


The one thing that she does manage to do (thankfully) however, is to concretely link Islamic demographics with sharia being imposed in the West…


It’s what we are to expect with exploding Muslim demographics. This kook of a prof however, wants us to succumb to Islamic norms, to accept Islam as a credible, normal feature in our Western societies, when everything else points to the destructive nature of the beast. She’s full of crap, just the kind of prof you would expect to have tenure at a university, and a paper that’s better for lining bird cages than for reading.



NOTE: If the comment section under the article are any kind of indicator of the public’s sentiment on the issue at large, I find solace in the fact that bout she and the HS are being overwhelmingly pummeled by its readers.


Sharia-Law should be given space in the West, says Professor – “I believe it would work” in Finland.

In Western countries, the harsh rulings in Sharia law causes fear in the West, and attempts have been made to prevent the application of the law altogether. Coexistence would be possible, says Islamic law expert Asifa Quraishi-Landes.

The Western world should be giving more space and support for the Muslim’s sharia law.


This is the view of Islamic law expert, University of Wisconsin law professor Asifa Quraishi-Landes. She has come to Finland to discuss the role of sharia in the Western world in the “Who is afraid of sharia?” Conference.


Sharia, based on the sacred texts of Muslims, has emerged here as a dispute in recent years, particularly with regard to immigration.


In Britain, dozens of unofficial sharia courts have already handled  thousands of Muslim family disputes every year.


More here in Finnish

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