Lying Bastards Lying Muslims Paleostinians

President for ever Abbas claims “We are the Canaanites”…….


The Jew-hating liar keeps on lying…


Mostly the product of Arab/Muslim invaders, part converted Jews and Christians, the Arabs now dubbed “Palestinian” are a false construct concocted during the Cold War against the state of Israel. They are no more “Canaanite” (or Philistine) than they are indigenous to the land, being mostly migrants themselves due to the rebuilding of the modern Jewish state of Israel.

Abbas Unhinged: ‘We Are the Canaanites Who Were Here 5,000 Years Ago’

TEL AVIV – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has wildly claimed that Palestinians are indigenous to the land of Israel and are the “Canaanites who were here 5,000 years ago” in a fiery speech he gave over the weekend in which he also declared that Jewish settlements in the West Bank would disappear into “the dustbins of history.”

The Palestinians did not start using that namesake until the early 1960s despite Abbas’s attempt to trace a history to “5,000 years ago.”


His fire-and-brimstone diatribe was delivered during an extremely rare visit to a refugee camp in the West Bank days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a ceremony marking the construction of new homes in the nearby settlement of Beit El, the Times of Israel reported.


“We will remain and no one will be able to move us out of our homeland. He who wants to do that: ‘Go.’ The unexpected visitor in this country has no right in this country. Thus, we tell them: ‘Every brick you laid in our land and every house you built in our land will vanish, if God permits,’” Abbas said, speaking at the Jalazone refugee camp north of Ramallah.


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