ISLAM IN THE USA Islamic anti-Semitism Lying Bastards Lying Muslims

US: Islamo-propagandist lies for Islam/Ilhan Omar, says Islam /Muslims are not antisemitic (don’t believe your lying eyes!)…….


H/T: Andy Bostom

I have my beefs with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, but she’s dead on target here:

I was born in Somalia and grew up amid pervasive Muslim anti-Semitism. Hate is hard to unlearn without coming to terms with how you learned it.

Here is Sarsour Islamo-supremacist-splaining to a bunch of uninformed Democrat ignoramuses that Muslims/Islam are/is not antisemitic at all. It’s a gross lie but she blathers it out without batting a single eyelash because lying to the ‘infidel’ to advance the cause of Islam is a Muslim act of Islamic ‘righteousness’.



Former sec-gen of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (then Conference), Ekmeleddin Ishanoglu telling me the exact same thing, and not a single person from the Finnish UPI sitting with him on the dais contradicted him.


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