Finland Lying Muslims MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Exceptional number of failed Asylum applicants reapplying, converting to Christianity and homosexuality main reasons given…….

By hook or crook in most cases I wager…


I want to see them publicly denounce Mohamed as a prophet and why they’ve changed their mind about Islam in general, and as for supposed homosexuals, at the minimum. they have to join Finnish clubs/societies servicing exclusively homosexuals, and prove that they like hanging with their new friends.


A new phenomenon in asylum applications: Another application after the decision

More than one third of asylum applications were renewed last year.



According to a report by the Ministry of the Interior on Tuesday , an exceptional number of asylum seekers continue to burden immigration administration. The processing of asylum applications by the Finnish Immigration Service and administrative law is still congested.


According to the report, a new phenomenon in asylum applications increased in 2017 after a new application was submitted after the applicant had already received a final decision on his earlier application.


In 2016, only 15% (834 applications) of applications for re-applications were made. In 2017, the share increased to 37% (1,845 applications). In the beginning of 2018, the number of applications for re-applications has been as high as half of the total number of asylum applications submitted.


The most common reasons for re-applications have been turning to Christianity and homosexuality.


– However, the re-application can not be prevented but the asylum seeker has the right to submit new arguments and the authorities must evaluate the grounds. If the application does not contain any new arguments that may have an impact on the case, it can, however, be dismissed as inadmissible. The applicant for international protection is entitled to receive services, the review states.


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