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Finland: Helsinki Councilman ‘Husu’ Hussein (SDP, liar), admits lying about leaving ‘racist’ passenger on roadside……


Oh, and we’re supposed to believe that the sharia-supremacist is telling the truth about the man in question nonetheless…


City councillor Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein admits to lying about the events of ‘Taksi night’: “I was angry”

“Nobody has been left on the road as Husu said,” The Taxi Helsinki managing director says.


Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein acknowledges that the story of the things that happened in the taxi was not true. (PHOTO: TUOMAS SELYOURSELVES)

Valtteri Parikka HS

Published on: 11.11. 9:55

TAKSI HELSINKI has completed its report on the series of events reported by the city councillor Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein (SDP).


Jari Kantonen, managing director of Taksi Helsinki, explains that after the reports have been made, it turns out that Hussein’s story is not true. According to the company’s information, there have been no events of this kind in Tuusula.


The company verified the driving system of Hussein’s-driven taxi log data. On the basis of them, the taxi which Hussein had been driving had not been on Sunday morning for about four times in Tuusulanväylä area.


“Nobody has been left out of the ride as Husu told,” Kantonen says.


HUSSEIN admits to Hs that his story was not fully truthful. He’s annoyed at how out of proportion the incident has received.


Hussein explains that a racist-behaving man was in his cab on the night between Thursday and Friday. However, he did not leave the customer on the side of the road.


“I was threatened to leave him the racist client, but I did not do it. I should have though, “Hussein says.



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