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Finland: Somali politician/cab driver’s version of ‘racist customer’ doesn’t match with home office tracking system…….


“Husu” the Clown…


This sharia-supremacist has been one of the more visible merchants Islamo-propaganda, Muslim victimhood in Finland. I believe he just pulled a Jussie Smollet on the public and quickly outed, by his own employer…


“Husu” Hussein said he left a racist passenger on the highway – Taxi Helsinki: “Times do not match”

City councilor Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein, who works part-time as a taxi driver, says he left an insulting passenger at a bus stop while driving. Taxi Helsinki does not confirm Hussein’s report.
Taxi Helsinki cannot confirm Helsinki city councilor Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein (sd) report that he had left an aggressive customer on the motorway at night last weekend.

Hussein was in his job as a taxi driver and says he picked up a male customer at the center of Helsinki on Sunday morning at about four o’clock.’


Hussein told IS that he was bored with the racist speeches of the passenger and turned his car from the Tuusula lane to leave the man at the bus stop.


Taxi Jari Kantonen, Managing Director of Helsinki, cleared the logs of a taxi driven by Hussein.

– We cannot confirm Hussein’s report on the route. The times don’t match. At the time of Hussein’s announcement, his taxi has not passed the Tuusulanväylä, and so he has not stopped there.


Kantonen says that taxis can be monitored very closely. Routes, speeds and times are accurately recorded in the system.


– From the system it is possible to tell whether the customer has been left at a bus stop or in the middle of the road, says Kantonen.


Taxi Helsinki has asked Hussein for an explanation of the night’s events. According to Kantonen, the request for clarification was made on the basis of a public discussion.


Hussein has seven days to respond to the request for clarification.

The incident began with a tweet made by Hussein.

– Yesterday in my taxi, I was railed against and urged to return home to Somalia to defend my homeland. I stopped the car on the freeway and asked him to get out of the cab. He was amazed that I didn’t want his money. I said I wouldn’t take money from racists, Hussein wrote. 

First he wrote that the car was stopped on the freeway. However, Hussein later clarified that he had left the man at the bus stop and not on the motorway. In a blog post published on Monday afternoon after five, he repeats the story, but describes it more vaguely “last week.”



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