UPDATE: Scroll down for the Finnish police chief’s unintelligent dissembling to Finnish activist Junes Lokka’s black and white question:

Over on Twitter, Finnish bloggers/activists Junes Lokka, Vasarahammer and Kumitonttu are taking the Finnish police to task for their role in allowing a group of anarchists and Muslims to congregate and disrupt the rally in last Saturday’s ”Keep Finland Finnish rally in Vuosaari Helsinki where former Muslim Swedish-Somali Mona Walter spoke.

Junes Lokka is heard speaking in the beginning speaking to the live feed audience about someone, then the sound of the anarchists is heard, shouting ‘racists out”. Not heard in this clip is the sounds of amplified by a bullhorn which has a siren option, both were heard throughout the entire event. Junes begins to ask them why they were there, would someone like to (speak to him)…then cut off by the police who directed him to leave the area….

The regarding right to assemble reads as follows:

4 §

Provisional and allowance obligation

The public authorities shall contribute to the exercise of freedom of assembly by securing the right to meet without outside interference, and creating the conditions for the organization of general meetings.

The text reads: ”Could the Helsinki Police or the Finnish Police explain why this freedom of assembly statute was not implemented?”

NOTE: Politicization of the police force always leads to their ignoring the law when it suits the political elite who gives them their marching orders.

Translation: “In fact, both parties are looking for an advantageous interpretation. The police look at the entirety.”

Junes Lokka: “Stop with the lying”


Traitorous idiot………

So he plans to use the church to forward his of leftist/socialist agenda. This archbishop holds his own people in contempt, in favor of those who insist on dictating Finnish immigration policy.

Yes, we are to try and establish peaceful relations with peoples, but not at the expense of the civil society. foolishly importing tens of thousands of people (muslims) who have proven to be extremely difficult to assimilate, especially in a welfare state where its leaders lack confidence in their own culture and values, is suicide.

This archbishop says none of us are the sole representatives of culture and religion, but it’s he who insists he is exactly that in telling us how we should be and behave. Suck everything up what the government and other officials tell us like good little Lutherans and post-Lutherans. Big government knows best, just shut the hell up and eat your puro.

MTV Uutisextrassa Archbishop: Church promises to protect rejected asylum seekers 


It’s going to cost the Finnish taxpayer far more in the long run for this tomfoolery, 8 mill is a pittance to sell your birthright for…..the morons.

EU grants Finland 8 million euros of emergency funds for migrant crisis

Sweden received 35 million euros and Belgium got 5 million. The EU has granted a total of 222 million euros of emergency funding to its member states.

Vuoksenhovi, vastaanottokeskus, turvapaikanhakija, turvapaikanhakijoita saapuu
Emergency funding is intended to help with the costs of housing and feeding migrants. Image: Tommi Parkkinen / Yle

The European Commission has granted Finland 8 million euros of additional funding to help the country deal with the costs of the migrant situation.

The money must be used to cover the cost of asylum-seekers’ everyday needs such as housing and food, the Commission announces on its site. It also decided in favour of granting Sweden 35 million and Belgium 5 million euros in additional funding.

This year the European Commission has granted a total of 222 million euros in emergency funds to help its member states deal with the effects of the refugee crisis.

The emergency asylum-seeker-directed money is an additional measure that comes on top of a basic appropriation from the EU’s joint trust. Finland has received a total of 53 million euros to deal with asylum-seekers and improve its border security.

More here.


So they’ll add on to the national debt in pursuit of the statist nirvana that will never come.

Yle: 2016 budget based on 15,000 asylum seekers, Interior Ministry forecasts 30,000 this year

Irakista tulleet turvapaikanhakijat Kouvolan Keltakankaan turvapaikanhakijoiden tilapäismajoituksessa, suljetussa ammattiopistossa sunnuntaina 27. syyskuuta.

Although the Interior Ministry says it’s expecting the number of refugees entering the country to rise to 30,000 this year, the Finance Ministry has based its budgeting on 15,000 new arrivals annually between this year and 2019. So far this year, some 14,000 people have fled to Finland from conflict-torn regions.

More here. 


So they’re the only ones who have access to these people (Muslim settlers), until they unleash them upon the general population.

Journalists barred from asylum seeker facility

An Yle journalist and a camera operator were asked by officials to leave a Tornio facility for unregistered asylum seekers on Sunday, despite being allowed inside a day earlier. Officials said that the rules regarding media access to reception centres and similar facilities have not changed, saying they want to protect the privacy of the clients and the people working there.

Putaan liikuntahallilla olevaan hätämajoitukseen ei enää päästetä toimittajia.
A Finnish Border Guard representative said they were instructed by police to keep journalists from entering a temporary facility for unregistered asylum seekers at the Putaan sports hall in Tornio on Sunday, even though journalists were allowed into the centre the day before. Image: Anna Leppävuori / Yle

A Finnish Border Guard representative said they were instructed by police to keep journalists from entering a temporary facility for unregistered asylum seekers at the Putaan sports hall in Tornio on Sunday, even though journalists were allowed into the centre the day before.

Officials say that members of the media are not allowed into at such facilities in order to protect the privacy of both clients and staff.

Police communications chief Markku Paksuniemi says that media access is denied at all indoor asylum seeker facilities.

“When the [asylum seekers] are not registered, we do not allow them to be exposed to publicity, whether they want to be or not,” Paksuniemi said, adding that the rule has been in place since the centres were established.

The head of the Finnish Journalists Union Hanne Aho says that the media should be granted open access in general, unless there is a good reason not to.

“I understand [the motivation] to protect them,” Aho said.



Awful, awful , awful.

And refuse to listen to the warden because she’s a female.

h/t: Jukka Ketonen

Female warden on foreign prisoners: “Understanding stopped immediately”

Karoliina Taruvuori says that some foreign prisoners find it hard to take punishment from a female warden.

Southern Finland prisons are populated by Finns, but also by a large number of foreigners, causing cultural differences in institutions.

Southern Finland prisons and other Finnish prisons have a lot of foreign prisoners.

For example, there are 57 foreign prisoners in Jokela prison for, in Kerava prison 25.

The largest groups of foreigners are Estonians and Russians, but there is room for others.

– In our prisons there are prisoners from Gambia, Nigeria, Iraq, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, France, Latvia …, reads off, Tuusula warden, Karoliina Taruvuori.

Timo Koivuniemi is the warden of the Kerava prison, which has 13 prisoners of different nationalities. They do not differ much from the spectrum of nationalities in the Jokela prison.

Karoliina Taruvuori, says that cultural differences pose challenges to both the inmates and the staff.

– One day, one Muslim prisoner did not want to understand one iota of what I was talking about when I gave him a punishment. Yes, he would understand it coming from a man, but when the deputy warden said that the punishment will be coming from the warden, the understanding ended, he recalls.

Also, Miika, responsible for carrying out punishments in the prison has noticed cultural differences. He explains that, for example, during Ramadan Muslim prisoners brought food to the cells at night, which caused noises.

– Muslims also can’t go at the same time to the shower with another man, because their religion prohibits men from being naked with another man in the same room. For this reason, one prisoner did not happen step at all into the shower, so he was transferred to the department where the cells have private showers.

Jokela prison has two sections, each with three showers. The second department has 15 prisoners, and the second by Miika’s calculations, has 25-30. Miika says that all prisoners, in the department must take a shower in the evening within 15 minutes.

The prisoner did not go to the shower, so he was transferred to another department. “

Southern Finland prisons have a lot of foreign prisoners due to, among other things, being in close proximity to an international airport.




Pure stupidity wrapped in naive tomfoolery.

What he should be directing these cut-throat jihadis to, is a small cell with the key thrown away for the next 25 years.

H/T: Simon Elo

Jyri Rantala

SUPO intends to talk to fighters who left Finland for Syria

Finland has drawn up detailed plans in case, the over 40 people who left Finland for Syria, return.

ISIS on Syyriassa ja Irakissa toimiva jihadistijärjestö ja tunnustamaton valtio.
ISIS is a Syrian and Iraqi jihadist movement and a non-recognized state. ZUMAWIRE.COM / Profimedia

– Our goal is to talk to them. SUPO wants more reasons to meet with these people, even though there is no evidence of crimes,  says the Security Police (SUPO) Communications Chief  Jyri Rantala.

The Ministry of Interior has just implemented a series of measures aimed at the prevention of violent radicalism. The authorities have focused more specifically on the situation in Syria and on encountering those returning from there.

– Co-operation between different authorities is important. Discussions are not just a police matter, but, for example, social welfare and medical staff who may be suitable for the task. If a person is traumatized and radicalized, then he must seek help, in order to obtain control and adapt that person back into society.

From different backgrounds

SUPO continuously monitors those who have left Finland for Syria. A big problem, however, is that it is difficult to know precisely the situations in Syria . Flooded with conflicting information and a lack of independent sources of information.

According to SUPO, it estimates that more than 40 people have travelled from Finland to the crisis area after the Spring of 2013.

– Well over half of them are gone in there with the aim to participate in armed conflict. They are mainly related to radicalized organizations, the majority are in the ISIS organization. Some have travelled to do humanitarian work and some left without a direct mission. They are then entered into armed activities, Rantala says.

Some who have left Finland for Syria have returned, but then have already left back for Syria. Some people have lost their lives in battle.

Never before in Finland has there been such a large group having taken part in armed activities.

– A special feature is the fact that people from 16 different ethnic backgrounds have left Finland. This is an unprecedented phenomenon. The situation in Syria and ISIS has in spite of everything united people from ethnic backgrounds.

Among those who have left are ethnic Finns. Of the 40 having left three-quarters of them are Finnish citizens, the rest are residents of Finland.

Supon mukaan Suomesta Syyrian taisteluihin on lähtenyt yli 40 henkeä.

According to SUPO more than 40 people have left from Finland  for Syrian battles. ZUMAWIRE.COM / Profimedia

Beliefs are the reason 

SUPO often gets information on the travellors  to Syria afterwards. Although the data was given in advance, the authorities do not have the means to prevent anyone from leaving.

– Often, the decision for leaving is so strong that not even the peas of the authorities nor even of the families is any help. Under the law we do not have the possibility to prevent their departure, says Rantala.

Most of those wanting to leave for Syria do so out of religious beliefs and conscience.

– Some want to join the jihad, the majority purely for a desire for adventure, others for a desire to help. The reasons vary.

Currently a video is spreading over the Internet of one Finnish man who justifies his departure for Syria. The man has left his family in Finland and went to Syria to be on the side of the Muslims. He has issued a number of concerns about the deaths of Muslims.

Previously, newspapers reported about a man from Espoo, who left over a year ago to Syria and joined the ISIS organization.



I posted the other day about the assault on Finnish tradition by the Deputy Chancellor of Justice, Mikko Puumalainen, who insisted that Finland rid itself of the traditional singing of the Summer Hymm from the school program marking the end of the school year, due to its religious overtones. Puumalainen is also the same bureaucratic hack who regularly attacks the free speech of Finns on a regular basis.

In the following article we see how the useful stooges are all too willing to arrange the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic of multiculturalism, with a sop to the Muslims in trying to win favor from the prosecutor’s office, to leave the Summer Hymm alone, but it comes at a cost, the implementation of sharia law, officially, in Finland, with the state support for, and observation of, Ramadan for Muslim school children.

NOTE: Finnish Jews and their communities have existed in Finland for well over a hundred years, and never once, have they objected to Finnish traditional norms, nor demanded official observance of their religious holidays.

– Rather than considering whether the Summer Hymn should be taken out schools, we should think about how such schools with a large number of Muslim children, that the Ramadan culture could be supported. Christian children will not be contaminated from the gaining of experience of another tradition.

Church: Instead of a total ban on religious festival reason to consider alternative opportunities – including the support of Ramadan for Muslim children in schools

Deputy Chancellor’s position yesterday on the Summer Hymn and of religious events at schools being problematic is just one perspective, says the Permanent Secretary of the Church Council, Jukka Keskitalo. He suggests that instead of a total ban on schools to develop a more rewarding alternative opportunities for religious festivals to be alongside.

In the Evangelical Lutheran Church the position of the Deputy Chancellor of Justice, Mikko Puumalainen, that religious events in schools are problematic should not be taken as the final word.


Keskitalo it seems that the solution to the time of the Finnish school’s religious traditions are taken out of context. He recalls the European Court of Human Rights decision that the keeping of the crucifix on the wall in Italian schools was not an active religious observance.

– If the case is applied to Finland, it is to conclude that the Summer Hymn in school, or any other religious traditions are passive symbols that do not require an active religious observance.

According to Keskitalo full of prohibitions should give way to immunotherapy and genuine tolerance, because the Summer Hymn schools and religious events are part of the Finnish culture.

– Rather than considering whether the Summer Hymn should be taken out schools, we should think about how such schools with a large number of Muslim children, the Ramadan culture could be supported. Christian children will not be contaminated from the gaining of experience of another tradition.

YLE h/t: Vasarahammer



Oh, it’s because the state loves us so.

The Finnish state is the only franchise that can sell hard liqueur, but they also sell beer and cider, and since people are avoiding purchasing the latter from the state run monopoly, Alko, the new ”health chief”, Juhani Eskola, wants to put the crimp on the private sector. Hey, here’s an idea, dismantle ALKO, divvy up the proceeds to the people in the form of tax refunds, and get out of the business entirely.

NOTE: They use people like this (pictured below) as reason enough to punish the rest of society, and interestingly enough, the masterminds never succeed in ending alcoholism.

drunk Finn

New health chief backs calls for tighter alcohol laws

As the Health Ministry draws up new laws on the sale of alcohol, the new head of Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) says he supports further restrictions on the sale of beer and cider.

Juhani Eskola Ylen aamu-tv:n vieraana 15. maaliskuuta 2014.
THL Director Juhani Eskola speaking on Yle’s Aamu-TV Image: Yle

The new director of Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare, Juhani Eskola, has said he supports re-opening the debate on sales restrictions for alcoholic drinks from shops, kiosks and service stations.

”There is no easy way to limit alcohol use that will win the support of everyone,” Eskola said in an Yle interview on Saturday. “This proposal would be one possible way of making a small yet notable difference to alcohol consumption.”

Eskola cited statistics which claim sales of beer and cider have increased in recent years from corner shops and service stations, but not from Alko stores or restaurants. “That means intervening in this area has the potential to affect overall consumption levels,” Eskola said.

Speaking on Yle 1’s breakfast show Aamu-TV, Eskola said that alcohol consumption in Finland needs to be cut in order to reduce the detrimental knock-on effects. Eskola claimed that adverse effects are directly proportional to levels of alcohol use.

More here.



What this hack top cop wants, like all statists, is more control to monitor you.

My trust in these hacks to respect our privacy from intrusion is non existent, in Finland they do not even need a warrant from a judge to enter your home, how can they be trusted to respect your privacy online? This jerk (that’s right a jerk) should have been fired ages ago.

Finnish Police want web snooping powers

Finnish police would like to be able to screen both data traffic within Finland and that which passes through Finnish cables. At present they can only intercept data once a crime is suspected and an investigation in progress.

Mikko Paatero.

Finland’s National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero Image: Yle

National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero says that it would be embarrassing to receive information from abroad about what is happening in Finland. To prevent that eventuality, he wants Finnish police to have expanded powers to monitor online communications.

“We cannot follow signals in Finland or travelling through Finnish cables,” says Paatero. “But others can do it for Finland. In my opinion it’s a little bit embarrassing that we can hear from somewhere else about what is happening here.”

Finland’s cyber security strategy is currently in the works. Parliament’s Foreign and Security policy committee decided today that new legislation may be needed. In Paatero’s opinion the recent scandal over spying at the Foreign Ministry was a concrete example of Finland’s deficiencies in preventing cyber espionage.

Following the Swedish model?

In Sweden the army has the right to follow Swedish and foreign data traffic. Paatero says it is most important that Finnish police have the right to follow data traffic in Finland.

“We should know what happens in Finland—above all the data traffic,” says Paatero. “But of course it is in our interest to also know what goes through Finland.”

National borders are somewhat artificial in the online world, according to Paatero. He says that enhanced monitoring rights would help prevent attacks before they occur.

The commissioner says that the central problem in legislating for the new powers is reconciling the right to privacy with security needs. For that reason, Paatero says that the data protection ombudsman should be involved in the legislative process.



An inquiring mind would ask, why is it that, YLE refuses to interview citizens whose jobs have been done away with and forced on the dole, as well as public services downsized, because the state can’t afford its continued utopian entitlement programs? Funding the ‘immigration/asylum industry‘ comes directly from the taxpayers’ pockets, there is no ‘free money’, someone has to pay.

You’ll never see these taxpayer funded hacks doing real journalism, they have too much invested in the welfare state and in their allegiances to the political establishment. Cronyism runs deep here as well.

Photography project focuses on asylum seekers

News  | 

Researchers at Tampere University want to use photography to investigate how asylum seekers see themselves and how they view authorities.

Turvapaikanhakija istuu nurmikolla ja nojaa puuhun.

Researchers plan to follow asylum seekers over six months. Image: Eeva Puumala

Asylum seekers can be pigeonholed when they arrive in Finland, with little attention paid to their joys and tragedies. Eeva Puumala of Tampere University wants to use photography to get beyond that stereotype and find out how asylum seekers themselves would like to be viewed.

More vomit inducing drivel available here.

NOTE: How about all those ethnic Finns ‘pigeonholed’ in the unemployment rank and file for decades on end, making a permanent class of the unemployed from one generation to the next. They say on the average it’s been around 8% for 4- 5 years, but when you realize that they never factor into the unemployment figure (officially around 217 000, out of a 5 million population) those who have given up looking for work, the numbers of those people are much much higher.

  • Statistics Finland: A person is unemployed if he/she is without work during the survey week, has actively sought employment in the past four weeks as an employee or self-employed and would be available for work within two weeks. A person who is without work and waiting for an agreed job to start within three months is also classified as unemployed, if he/she could start work within two weeks.




He’s a 60’s radical suck up to totalitarian Arab regimes.

tuomioja shhh

empty suit tuomioja

This guy disgusts me on so many levels. No matter what government gets in, this career hack politician always finds his way into the top seat at the Foreign Ministry. Pathetic.

tuomioja would terminaste arms agreements with Israel 13.5.2013

Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja no longer deems Finnish-Israeli arms agreements as desirable. Tuomioja shared his views after a speech in an interview with YLE Radio.

– Ministry of Defence and the Finnish defense industry have a long-term, an old tradition of joint cooperation with Israeli high-weapons technology companies, which I believe should no longer desirable under any circumstances, said Tuomioja.

If there is no real peace process in the Middle East, then according to Tuomioja, it needs to be considered whether the agreements should be terminated.

– At least they should not be extended, says Tuomioja.

Yle News



So Finland and Austria have now funded the jihad against the West. 

I’m very sympathetic to the families of the former hostages, they can be forgiven for their desire for the government to pay any amount to the terrorists to get their loved ones back. What makes me angry is that they should have never been there in the first place.

finns free from yemen 10.5.2013

More here.



BUSTED: Minister for International Development (Greens) twice contributed to the gray economy in under the table payments for work at her residence. 

Will she resign? Nope, no shame, no moral outrage, she’s a Lefty, and will get a slap on the wrist instead of the boot to her rear that she rightfully deserves.

hautala apologizes over under the table work 14.3.2013

– I have apologized at a meeting of the Board of Directors that I have caused a credibility problem to the government’s program on the informal economy.

Hautala says, she believed that the repairman did the work as a contractor and handled the responsibilities as an employer.

– Of course, I’ve done wrong, I didn’t ask for a receipt.

Only yesterday, Hautala  assured the Iltalehti that the renovation of the price was so cheap, that she wouldn’t have to pay pension contributions or taxes.

Phantom cleaner

Hautala also admitted she paid a cleaning woman under the table.

– She’s a Chechen woman who received asylum in Finland, which I tried in many ways to help. She was at my house to clean up, and would certainly have had to pay pension contribution for it.

She says she paid the  cleaner’s pension contributions afterwards.




Suspicion alert.

This should raise the hair on the back of the neck of every person interested in supporting and maintaining a free West. Nothing comes without strings attached, especially when it’s an Arab Gulf state in question.

NOTE: Sell them all the low tech stuff you want to unload, but don’t allow them a toehold in Finland nor in the rest of the West. But by nature, daft politicians aren’t the best way to safeguard your liberties. Qatar is another sharia promoting evil entity.

Cabinet communications chief Kari Mokko wrote on his Twitter account Sunday afternoon that Prime Minister Katainen spoke to his Qatari counterpart, Sheik Abdullah bin Khalifa al-Thani, about Finland as an investment target.


Katainen meets with Qatari PM

Prime Minsister Jyrki Katainen and Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Stubb began a series of meetings in Qatar and the Arab Emirates on Sunday aimed at promoting Finnish exports. More here.

H/T: Holger Danske



Finn taxpayers’ money at work.

This is a guy that spreads lies that Israel steals money from holocaust survivors to spend on weapons. These radical leftists are the worst of the worst. Shir Hever is typically a redistribution of wealth utopian, who lauds Finland for being one of the most ”equal countries in the world”, meaning equality of outcome/egalitarian driven societies, as if forced coercion of the citizen by the state is a noble thing.

Just like fundamental Islam, leftism is as utopian and restrictive of the individual, which explains their fascination with Islam and support of the Arabs. This guy Hever is a marxist, who fits well with the 99% morons in the ”Occupy movement” whining over the supposed inequality of the distribution of wealth, where the 1% supposedly owns everything.

This is the connection the left has with the anti-Israel movement, utopian extremism coupled with loathing of successful people, especially of they’re Jews.

A friend studying political science at a Finnish university sends the following message that the Hever is coming to Finland on the 6th of March, to spread his BDS bullcrap to Finns at an event at the Helsinki university, being arranged by: Kirkon Ulkomaanapu/EAPPI-ohjelma:

An Israeli economist Shir Hever, will visit Finland in early March. He lectured the Israelioccupation of Palestinian territories economic dimension. At the same time he talks aboutBoycott, divestment and Sanctions movement, and its effects. Heverin accurate observationsdealing with boycotts and sanctions, access to Israel to respect international law.

Shir Hever is working economic researcher at the Palestinian-Israeli Alternative Information Center. His book “The Political Economy of Isreal` s Occupation: Repression BeyondExploitation “was published in 2010.

Participants will receive 6.3 FinnWatch published a report entitled “Forbidden Fruit”, which is a settlement of Finnish companies on the links to illegal Israeli settlements.

Hever: “Only external pressure can truly bring change to this society, and allow democracy to take hold in the region, not only for the benefit of Palestinians, but for the benefit of Israelis too. External pressure, by using political and economic tools such as sanctions and boycott, returns the issues of civil rights and democracy to the fore, and deprives Israel of the option to use its military might to make the problem go away”. (Shir Hever: Why Does Israel Still Occupy the Palestinians?)

The guy is delusional, take note of his lack of concern for the jihad against the Jews, the Arab Muslims insistence of wiping out every last Jew from Israel and making it Judenrein, except in select areas where they want the tradtional dhimmi Jews to plunder every now and then, as well as to make themselves feel superior to.

NOTE: Pauliina Liukkonen is the go to girl for the event, puh. +358(0)50-502 0012 . This is how Finnish taxpayer money is being spent, demonizing the Jewish state.




UPDATE: Google takes note of Finnish Independence Day

Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen says Finland would be willing to sign up to automatic sanctions against EU members whose deficits go over 3 percent of GDP.

NOTE: With politicians like this so willing to hand over yet more power to Brussels’ unelected bureaucrats, how can any Finn honestly say with a straight face that they live in a totally independent, sovereign state?

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!



Caveat: The TT is sorry to be so down beat on this day, but come on Finland, thumping the chest in pride over 39′ Winter War, in light of what your present day politicians have do to it since that time…is a disgrace.

Finnish Army Tribute:

H/T: Dennis Mitzner



Finnish government laugh it up after pulling a fast one on the taxpayer.

The amount Finnish taxpayers are liable for if the Greeks can’t pay back their loans, is not 14 billion Euros, but instead, 28 billion Euros. They lied both to parliament and to the people. It’s contemptible, but that’s the corrupting influence of the EU, where the voter is treated like a subject.

Constitutional Law Committee chairman Johannes Koskinen says government made unprecedented mistake on (lied about) EFSF

Expert testimony also spread erroneous information to Parliament

Johannes Koskinen (SDP), the chairman of the Constitutional Law Committee of the Finnish Parliament, says that the government made an unprecedented mistake in legislation concerning Finnish liability for bailout loans granted to eurozone countries in financial crisis.

The committee discussed the matter on Friday after it came out that interest on the loans granted by the European Financial Stability Facility EFSF could double Finland’s liability.
Parliament had been under the understanding that Finland would be liable only for the principal of the loan – nearly EUR 14 billion.

Koskinen says that it is likely that the government will have to revise its bill on Finnish guarantees in the euro crisis. He sees the mistake as extremely embarrassing for the government.

“The limit that was agreed on the national level does not correspond with the treaty. It is likely that a new government proposal will be needed”, Koskinen says.

In addition to the error in the text of the law, some of the MPs on the Constitutional Law Committee are upset about erroneous information that the committee was given when the EFSF was discussed in the committee on December.

The committee asked the financial markets section of the Ministry of Finance for a written statement after it did not get the answers that it wanted during hearings that were held.
According to the statement, Finland’s liability would not exceed EUR 13.97 billion even in the worst case. The Finance Ministry did not mention the interest at all, and the text of the law and its preamble also give the impression that liability would be limited to EUR 13.97 billion. However, in the EFSF framework agreement Finland is committed to liability for interest.


The Tundra Tabloids has seen these same beggars in the streets of the major cities in Finland, and something about it just doesn’t sit right. Why would penniless, poor people spend all their precious treasure to come to far away Scandinavia and beg for mere pennies in the streets of Helsinki, where food and clothing is far more expensive than in their native country? They have to also suffer extreme weather conditions as well. Just saying. KGS

Helsinki not helping accommodate itinerant foreign Roma

Decision to lead to clearing out of Kalasatama camp

Helsinki not helping accommodate itinerant foreign RomaThe Helsinki City Board has taken a negative view of a proposal that the city set up camping areas to accommodate itinerant Roma beggars who have been coming to Finland mainly from Romania and Bulgaria.
YLE: The decision basically means that about 80 Romanian Roma will be evicted permanently from the premises and front yard of the Satama social centre. On Tuesday morning police began evicting Roma from the area.
The premises have been rented by the Vapaa Katto organization, which has provided assistance to the Roma. Police tried to evict the campers last week as well.

The City Board discussed the issue of housing for the Roma beggars for a second time on Monday.

A few members of the City Board would have been ready to offer light temporary housing in the form of containers with running water and electricity.

The proposals did not win support, and decision-makers approved a proposal by a working group headed by Jarmo Räihä.

The working group emphasized that it is the responsibility of the government and the European Union to resolve the begging issue.
The working group also proposes that the itinerant Roma be offered the possibility to shower and wash laundry at a facility run by the Deaconess Institute. Also available would be minor health care services and birth control advice.



The Finnish state broadcaster YLE2 this past Tuesday (30.11.2010) aired a live broadcast of a studio discussion group on “mandatory Swedish”, a topic that flares up now and then in the Finnish media. Swedish was made the 2nd official language of Finland and its status is recognized in the Finnish constitution. In the 70’s the learning of the Swedish language was made compulsory in schools, so the language of 5% of the Finnish population was forced upon the remaining 95%, and the angst over that decision has remained ever since.

The fact remains that there exists two distinct identities in Finland, predictably, based upon the languages of both groups. Such “identity” tension will always remain between the two groups because each side will always act, in what’s deemed to be, in their own self interests. It’s a highly logical, and as I said earlier, a predictable outcome.

Now add to that mix the thought of increased mass numbers of immigrants with a plethora of languages who will be demanding their own rights to use their own languages in Finnish society. But the Finnish-Swedish speakers have a plan, a few of their number (in the live broadcast) announced their party’s intention to grab as many foreigners as possible and steer them into speaking Swedish. They made a case for the Finnish government to get involved and make it possible for immigrants to choose which language to study and to identify themselves with.

One of the Finnish-Swedish participants mentioned the fact that in the late 1800’s, Jews who were allowed to immigrate to Finland by the Russian Czar, learned Swedish, so there’s history on their side of immigrants learning Swedish and integrating into society. But what was left unmentioned, was these Jews spoke Yiddish, a dialect of German and they found it much easier to learn than the host language (at first), and that every Finnish Jew is now fluent in three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English.

It’s just in the coastal areas of Finland and in the island archipelago of Åland that Finnish-Swedes are not learning Finnish, and for the most part, have a completely different identity to that of the Finnish speakers that make up 95& of the country. So now the party of the Swedish speaking minority is actively trying to pull immigrants to its party which explains the the Swedish speaking Minister of Immingration and of Europe, Astrid Thors, actions over the last few years.

This is bound to drive an even deeper wedge between the Swedish speakers and the majority of Finnish speaking Finns. It just highlights the fact that different language groups will do whatever possible in securing their future, which creates in the end, a divided society with competing goals. Hardly a recipe for a cohesive, functioning society. The video of the event (in Finnish) is still available here, for the next 30 some days. KGS

Finn-Swedes as a percentage of the Finnish population

NOTE: If multiculturalism fails miserably to produce a joint identity with people of shared history, how in the hell is it going to work with vast numbers of immigrants coming from the Middle East?

Some Swedish-Speakers ‘Foreigners’ in Own Country

Though not always in the public eye, Finland is home to many Finns who face a linguistic barrier in many aspects of their daily life. Some of the country’s 300,000 Swedish-speakers don’t speak any Finnish at all, leading to an array of difficulties.

Within the Åland Islands, Ostrobothnia and the Turku archipelago, there are pockets where Finnish is hardly spoken and society is wholly Swedish-speaking.

In the autonomous Åland Islands, situated between Finland and Sweden, pupils are not required to study Finnish.

Felix Wrede, originally from the Åland Islands, is finishing his senior high school year in the officially bilingual city of Turku. Although his school is a Swedish one, he has realised he needs more than Swedish to get by in town.

“It’s generally possible to speak Swedish with officials, but in shops you need to speak English or Finnish,” says Wrede.

The level of Swedish-language public services has weakened in recent years. For example, in some central parts of the country, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) sends Finnish-language letters to Swedish-speaking households.

Wrede plans to begin medical studies after high school. He’ll likely study at the University of Helsinki–a bilingual institute. Although he is learning Finnish, he still prefers to patron restaurants and shops that service customers in Swedish.

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UPDATE: The Finnish blogger Vasarahammer offers a personal view of the “mandatory Swedish” debate, which is well worth the time to read viewable underneath the fold.

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