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Now if any Sweden Democrat or any other  politician in Sweden even broached such an idea, let alone raise it in parliament, they would be immediately branded, tarred and feathered as a “waycist” and cast into the outer darkness. KGS

Parliament wants report on citizenship tests

The Administration Committee of the Finnish Parliament wants the government to examine the possibility of implementing special tests for immigrants applying for Finnish citizenship.

The idea of such a test would be to ascertain an applicant’s knowledge of aspects of Finnish society, history, and local customs. Similar tests are used in several European Union countries.

Most recently, the introduction of a citizenship test was put forward by Jorma Vuorio, director-general of the Finnish Immigration Service, who said that the test could be combined with the language test, which is already mandatory for would-be new citizens.

The committee also proposes consideration of whether or not an immigrant should be rewarded for success in language studies and other education. One possibility would be for integration support to depend on educational success.

The Administration Committee deals with all legislative proposals in Parliament that are related to immigration. The committee has often amended government proposals in a stricter direction.

The committee issued four statements linked with its memorandum on proposed legislation for immigrant integration.


The committee also wants the government to give Parliament an annual report on policy concerning foreigners, immigration, and integration.

Such a report should contain comparisons of Finnish practice and that in other EU countries, in order to ascertain if there are factors in Finland that specifically attract asylum seekers, or encourage humanitarian immigration.

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