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Finnish government laugh it up after pulling a fast one on the taxpayer.

The amount Finnish taxpayers are liable for if the Greeks can’t pay back their loans, is not 14 billion Euros, but instead, 28 billion Euros. They lied both to parliament and to the people. It’s contemptible, but that’s the corrupting influence of the EU, where the voter is treated like a subject.

Constitutional Law Committee chairman Johannes Koskinen says government made unprecedented mistake on (lied about) EFSF

Expert testimony also spread erroneous information to Parliament

Johannes Koskinen (SDP), the chairman of the Constitutional Law Committee of the Finnish Parliament, says that the government made an unprecedented mistake in legislation concerning Finnish liability for bailout loans granted to eurozone countries in financial crisis.

The committee discussed the matter on Friday after it came out that interest on the loans granted by the European Financial Stability Facility EFSF could double Finland’s liability.
Parliament had been under the understanding that Finland would be liable only for the principal of the loan – nearly EUR 14 billion.

Koskinen says that it is likely that the government will have to revise its bill on Finnish guarantees in the euro crisis. He sees the mistake as extremely embarrassing for the government.

“The limit that was agreed on the national level does not correspond with the treaty. It is likely that a new government proposal will be needed”, Koskinen says.

In addition to the error in the text of the law, some of the MPs on the Constitutional Law Committee are upset about erroneous information that the committee was given when the EFSF was discussed in the committee on December.

The committee asked the financial markets section of the Ministry of Finance for a written statement after it did not get the answers that it wanted during hearings that were held.
According to the statement, Finland’s liability would not exceed EUR 13.97 billion even in the worst case. The Finance Ministry did not mention the interest at all, and the text of the law and its preamble also give the impression that liability would be limited to EUR 13.97 billion. However, in the EFSF framework agreement Finland is committed to liability for interest.

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  1. Great article. Very interested in what occurs in the north. I am in Alaska and it makes sense that this stuff happens, the people are somewhat isolated to their unique way of living and so feel protected somehow. This is why Islam invades so easily. I see it happening here. That is why I write about it and post it all over Facebook and joined Act! for America. I am about to start a chapter in my town. We need to wake people up before its too late.

    My blog URL up above. Similar to what you write about, Christian based, updates on what is happening in Alaska and around the world with historical pieces as well.

    I would love it if you put it on your blog roll!

    Thank you!

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