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He’s a 60’s radical suck up to totalitarian Arab regimes.

tuomioja shhh

empty suit tuomioja

This guy disgusts me on so many levels. No matter what government gets in, this career hack politician always finds his way into the top seat at the Foreign Ministry. Pathetic.

tuomioja would terminaste arms agreements with Israel 13.5.2013

Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja no longer deems Finnish-Israeli arms agreements as desirable. Tuomioja shared his views after a speech in an interview with YLE Radio.

– Ministry of Defence and the Finnish defense industry have a long-term, an old tradition of joint cooperation with Israeli high-weapons technology companies, which I believe should no longer desirable under any circumstances, said Tuomioja.

If there is no real peace process in the Middle East, then according to Tuomioja, it needs to be considered whether the agreements should be terminated.

– At least they should not be extended, says Tuomioja.

Yle News

2 Responses

  1. This man makes me sick ! Palestine is run by 2 militant groups and
    has sharia as law by Hamas …..
    Tuomioja was caught using the state credit card wrongly.
    no trial and no nothing ! If this would have been his driver it would have
    lost his job and gone to trial for fraud .Small or big, ” fraud is fraud ”
    for us all if we get caught !
    Why cant Finland put its criminals where they belong regardless
    of work ? Is there a existing immunity for the Finnish PM ?
    – No.
    But we all know the word for it .

  2. If PM Tuomioja accepts the Palestinian State fully
    maybe he should have let Hamas sharia judge him
    regarding the abuse of the credit-card .

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