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UPDATE: Scroll down for the Finnish police chief’s unintelligent dissembling to Finnish activist Junes Lokka’s black and white question:

Over on Twitter, Finnish bloggers/activists Junes Lokka, Vasarahammer and Kumitonttu are taking the Finnish police to task for their role in allowing a group of anarchists and Muslims to congregate and disrupt the rally in last Saturday’s ”Keep Finland Finnish rally in Vuosaari Helsinki where former Muslim Swedish-Somali Mona Walter spoke.

Junes Lokka is heard speaking in the beginning speaking to the live feed audience about someone, then the sound of the anarchists is heard, shouting ‘racists out”. Not heard in this clip is the sounds of amplified by a bullhorn which has a siren option, both were heard throughout the entire event. Junes begins to ask them why they were there, would someone like to (speak to him)…then cut off by the police who directed him to leave the area….

The regarding right to assemble reads as follows:

4 §

Provisional and allowance obligation

The public authorities shall contribute to the exercise of freedom of assembly by securing the right to meet without outside interference, and creating the conditions for the organization of general meetings.

The text reads: ”Could the Helsinki Police or the Finnish Police explain why this freedom of assembly statute was not implemented?”

NOTE: Politicization of the police force always leads to their ignoring the law when it suits the political elite who gives them their marching orders.

Translation: “In fact, both parties are looking for an advantageous interpretation. The police look at the entirety.”

Junes Lokka: “Stop with the lying”

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