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BUSTED: Minister for International Development (Greens) twice contributed to the gray economy in under the table payments for work at her residence. 

Will she resign? Nope, no shame, no moral outrage, she’s a Lefty, and will get a slap on the wrist instead of the boot to her rear that she rightfully deserves.

hautala apologizes over under the table work 14.3.2013

– I have apologized at a meeting of the Board of Directors that I have caused a credibility problem to the government’s program on the informal economy.

Hautala says, she believed that the repairman did the work as a contractor and handled the responsibilities as an employer.

– Of course, I’ve done wrong, I didn’t ask for a receipt.

Only yesterday, Hautala  assured the Iltalehti that the renovation of the price was so cheap, that she wouldn’t have to pay pension contributions or taxes.

Phantom cleaner

Hautala also admitted she paid a cleaning woman under the table.

– She’s a Chechen woman who received asylum in Finland, which I tried in many ways to help. She was at my house to clean up, and would certainly have had to pay pension contribution for it.

She says she paid the  cleaner’s pension contributions afterwards.


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  1. BBC Sep 17, 2009
    Baroness Scotland [UK Attorney General 2007 to 2010] has sacked her housekeeper from Tonga, because she was allegedly working in the UK illegally.
    She was a Home Office minister when laws were passed to fine bosses who employ illegal workers up to £10,000.
    Under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act, employers who knowingly take on an illegal worker face a two-year prison sentence and an unlimited fine. Those who unknowingly take on illegal workers face a maximum £10,000 fine.

    Baroness Scotland was fined 5000 pounds and kept her job. The housekeeper was jailed for eight months and deported.

  2. … and even more risible – Daily Mail January 7, 2010
    Illegal immigrants have been working at some of the most sensitive Government offices in the country – including the headquarters of the UK Border Agency – a Mail on Sunday investigation has discovered.
    Just one of the examples given:
    Failed Zimbabwean asylum seeker Eugene Madzima used a fake passport to land a job processing immigration appeals at a tribunal in Leicester. He was jailed in 2008 for holding forged documents.

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