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Awful, awful , awful.

And refuse to listen to the warden because she’s a female.

h/t: Jukka Ketonen

Female warden on foreign prisoners: “Understanding stopped immediately”

Karoliina Taruvuori says that some foreign prisoners find it hard to take punishment from a female warden.

Southern Finland prisons are populated by Finns, but also by a large number of foreigners, causing cultural differences in institutions.

Southern Finland prisons and other Finnish prisons have a lot of foreign prisoners.

For example, there are 57 foreign prisoners in Jokela prison for, in Kerava prison 25.

The largest groups of foreigners are Estonians and Russians, but there is room for others.

– In our prisons there are prisoners from Gambia, Nigeria, Iraq, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, France, Latvia …, reads off, Tuusula warden, Karoliina Taruvuori.

Timo Koivuniemi is the warden of the Kerava prison, which has 13 prisoners of different nationalities. They do not differ much from the spectrum of nationalities in the Jokela prison.

Karoliina Taruvuori, says that cultural differences pose challenges to both the inmates and the staff.

– One day, one Muslim prisoner did not want to understand one iota of what I was talking about when I gave him a punishment. Yes, he would understand it coming from a man, but when the deputy warden said that the punishment will be coming from the warden, the understanding ended, he recalls.

Also, Miika, responsible for carrying out punishments in the prison has noticed cultural differences. He explains that, for example, during Ramadan Muslim prisoners brought food to the cells at night, which caused noises.

– Muslims also can’t go at the same time to the shower with another man, because their religion prohibits men from being naked with another man in the same room. For this reason, one prisoner did not happen step at all into the shower, so he was transferred to the department where the cells have private showers.

Jokela prison has two sections, each with three showers. The second department has 15 prisoners, and the second by Miika’s calculations, has 25-30. Miika says that all prisoners, in the department must take a shower in the evening within 15 minutes.

The prisoner did not go to the shower, so he was transferred to another department. “

Southern Finland prisons have a lot of foreign prisoners due to, among other things, being in close proximity to an international airport.


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