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The Tundra Tabloids has seen these same beggars in the streets of the major cities in Finland, and something about it just doesn’t sit right. Why would penniless, poor people spend all their precious treasure to come to far away Scandinavia and beg for mere pennies in the streets of Helsinki, where food and clothing is far more expensive than in their native country? They have to also suffer extreme weather conditions as well. Just saying. KGS

Helsinki not helping accommodate itinerant foreign Roma

Decision to lead to clearing out of Kalasatama camp

Helsinki not helping accommodate itinerant foreign RomaThe Helsinki City Board has taken a negative view of a proposal that the city set up camping areas to accommodate itinerant Roma beggars who have been coming to Finland mainly from Romania and Bulgaria.
YLE: The decision basically means that about 80 Romanian Roma will be evicted permanently from the premises and front yard of the Satama social centre. On Tuesday morning police began evicting Roma from the area.
The premises have been rented by the Vapaa Katto organization, which has provided assistance to the Roma. Police tried to evict the campers last week as well.

The City Board discussed the issue of housing for the Roma beggars for a second time on Monday.

A few members of the City Board would have been ready to offer light temporary housing in the form of containers with running water and electricity.

The proposals did not win support, and decision-makers approved a proposal by a working group headed by Jarmo Räihä.

The working group emphasized that it is the responsibility of the government and the European Union to resolve the begging issue.
The working group also proposes that the itinerant Roma be offered the possibility to shower and wash laundry at a facility run by the Deaconess Institute. Also available would be minor health care services and birth control advice.


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