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The depths Belgium sinks to is nauseating, whenever one thinks of fascism, the fake state of Belgium should immediately come to mind. There is no democracy in the country nor in the EU which is patterned on the failed state. Truly a depressing spectacle to watch, the only true liberal, democratic party is hounded and rounded up in the streets like common criminals.  KGS

NOTE: The Vlaams Belang has a party platform that any Tea Party member would be proud to support.

UPDATE: Handcuffs and Jackboots Await an Independent Flanders

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  1. Vlaams Belang are hardy liberal with the narrow minded and socially conservative agenda that they have. It is certainly not a party for those who believe in individual freedom. There is a danger that if Flanders gains independence they might want to unite with Holland, making the liberal and tolerant Holland a duller, more morally conservative and repressive place. This would be a very unfortunate development.

    Vlaams Belang have sensible policies in regards to Islamisation and immigration, but with the repressive, big government imposed morality and social conservatism that they stand for there might not be all that much difference between living in an Islamised Belgium and a Vlaams Belang dominated Flanders.

    If Vlaams Belang ever get an independent Flanders then a freedom loving person could always move to Holland.

    1. I’ve read their party platform, and it’s the opposite of what you say.

      1. I’ve not read their party platform, only things I’ve seen reported. Do you have a link to their platform in English, I wouldn’t like to do them an injustice.

          1. Vlaams Belang is very restrictive about a womans right to abortion and they also say:
            2.3.3 Drugs: no policy of tolerance. In Belgium, there is a policy of tolerance for so-called “soft drugs.” Vlaams Belang is the only party that consistently keeps resisting any form of legalization or decriminalization of drug abuse and drug dealing. A policy that discourages drug abuse is needed. Prevention and repression go hand in hand.
            This makes them ignorant and intolerant moral fascists, not much different from the Islamist repressives they claim to oppose and I very strongly oppose them and definitly do not want them to gain any power or influence.

    2. So how do you know what the average Dutch person thinks about the Flemish?

  2. Bogiman,

    Oppose all you like; at the ballot box.

    The fact is that these are legally elected Government representatives.

    You sound a bit like a Nazi to me; being Liberal is fine, until someone disagrees with you, eh?

    1. Legally elected government representatives can and should, when necessary, be opposed. And not only at the ballot box, they can and should be opposed in the realm of public discourse as well.

      I strongly oppose some points of the Vlaams Belang program, so strongly in fact that I would not like to see them gain any success in any elections and would be very happy to see them defeated.

      I don’t like Islam, either but I don’t see any qualitative difference between Vlaams Belang and Islam, they’re essentially the same bunch of repressive moral conservatives so I would say to them: “a plague on both your houses.”

      I oppose both Vlaams Belang and Islam just because I am a liberal who values individual freedom and if someone disagrees with that, I’m happy to take them up on it. In the realm of public discourse, that is.

      1. That is your right of course…. but I would then be opposing you. So be it.

        1. That’s the way it is. I believe in freedom of the individual, you don’t. It is my belief in freedom that makes me an uncompromising opponent of Islam. others may have other reasons.

          1. You appear to value freedom of speech only when you do not disagree with those doing the speaking. You appear in favour of democracy, but when democratic elections empower those you disagree with, then you favour other means.

            Typical liberal, really. You just can’t help being a hypocrite.

  3. Bogiman – you have well and truly disclosed your bias. Time to shelve the rhetoric and personal vitriol.

    Time to leave off, have a nice cup of tea, and lie down for a spell.

    1. So believing in and standing up for individual freedom and being opposed to repressive movements and ideologies who would destroy freedom is bias and vitriol. Very strange, I would have thought it was the opposite.

      There is no way I can leave off. Freedom is worth defending against those who oppose it wether the threat is from Islam or other repressive ideologies.

      1. Can you not see that when an individual exercises his freedom, and is arrested for speaking his mind, non-violently, that he is a victim of a repressive, authoritative and dictatorial regime?

        But that kind of repression is OK though.

        Because you agree with it. Because it is liberal.

        1. You are quite wrong. I am a firm believer in free speech. I disagree with much of what Vlaams Belang says but I defend their right to say it and their right to publicly demonstrate for what they believe in.

          I support freedom and I oppose authoritarian repression wherever it comes from.

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