Revisionism continues and the media, political elite are lapping it up.

Today (29.4.2013) the National Coalition’s seasoned politician, MP Pertti Salolainen, was on a Finnish state broadcaster YLE radio program, stating yet again, that his antisemitic statement uttered in a YLE TV morning program in November of last year 2012, and subsequently picked up by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Jerusalem Post, was misquoted.

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012

Speaking on YLE’s Ykkösaamu (Morning1), (h/t: Vasarahammer) Salolainen insisted that his statement was disseminated around the world in a poorly formed quote, stating that:

“I said on the program that the United States has such an influential Jewish population, which has both the money and the media in their hands to a large extent.”

This is once again an affirmation of the Tundra Tabloids original report that Pertti Salolainen, a top Finnish official in the government who currently holds the position of Vice Chairman of the Finnish Foreign Affairs Committee, did indeed say that US Jews have both the media and the money in their hands to a large extent. He’s insisting that the words ”quite a lot” were left out, and that is simply not the case.

Whether it was ”quite a lot, ”rather  a lot”, ”Significant control” or ”to a large extent”, the words and intent were accurately reported, he hasn’t any wiggle room whatsoever. But the irony is that he’s doubling down on it, insisting that the words he spoke were not included, though those words were exactly the reason why the SWC insisted that he be disciplined.

This shows the amount of disconnect that exists within the Finnish political system and  the media, concerning what constitutes classic antisemitism.

NOTE: A friend forwards the following observation:

The statement is antisemitic, but more importantly it implies that because Jews “control media and money” there can be no peace with or recognition of Palestine. In other words, not only do Jews control media, but their intentions are evil and sinister! Salolainen’s statement alone is enough to label the man an antisemite, but the context is damning.



Like that would have mattered in the least!

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012

It’s now clear that Pertti Salolainen (Nat. Coalition Party), the Finnish Foreign Ministry and the editorial department at the very influential Finnish magazine, Suomen Kuvalehti, believe that a politician who states the following, is not making an antisemitic remark:

– The United States finds it difficult to take a more neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine issue, because they have such an influential Jewish population, which has both money and the media in its hands to a large extent (‘read=’aika paljon”). The U.S. Administration has not dared to venture, due to internal political reasons, enough with this issue. This is terrible truth about U.S. policy.”

The Suomen Kuvalehti report in today’s online edition, states exactly the same as I reported it back in November 2012 (emboldened print by me) that ”Jews in the US pretty much control the media and the money”. Which either way you say it, ”pretty much, rather a lot, to a large extent, and yes….quite a lot”, the meaning remains the same, and is deemed highly antisemitic by US Jews. The Finnish MFA, Pertti Salolainen and the Suomen Kuvalehti are completely unaware of this,…and I smell yet another brouhaha forming becuase of it, and justifiably so.

Foreign Ministry regrets forgetting Salolainen

SK: Ministry of Foreign Affairs regrets that it hadn’t asked Member of Parliament, Minister Salolainen (Nat. Coalition Party) to review Finland’s answer to the Simon Wiesenthal center.

Salolainen strongly criticized on Friday in the edition of the Kanavassa newspaper  the Minstry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Finland in Washington DC over the response to the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Salolainen’s op-ed was titled “How they made me into a Nazi.” (Read the full script here.)

The Center wanted an explanation of Salolainen’s statement, which Salolainen estimates that the U.S. Jewish population has “pretty much” the power of the media and the money market. Salolainen is the Vice Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs.

According to Ambassador Ritva Koukku-Ronde, the embassy did not explain to the Center Salolainen’s statements. However, She regrets that Salolainenhad not been contacted.

“I regret that this answer was checked by Salolainen, nor was he given an opportunity to respond directly to the letter,” Koukku-Ronde said.

According to Koukku-Ronde the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies explained only Finnish policy.

“We responded only to the second part of the letter. A comprehensive description of  Finnish government policy. “

Hook-Ronde response was prepared in cooperation with the Ministry. She did not want to assess whether the response should have been forwarded to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja (SDP).

“No comment on that position.”



 Doubling down on stupid.

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012

In an op-ed piece published today at the Suomen Kuvalehti, Pertti Salolainen writes a whining screed depicting himself as ”a victim” over his statements (made last year on Finnish state TV) that fellow Kokoomus politician Ben Zyskowicz described as ”misguided choice of words’‘ which described Jews in America of having large influence over the media and money.

Lets first go to the video……….

His opening salvo in the op-ed is completely bogus:

Pertti Salolainen: This is how I was made into a Nazi

“‘Quite a lot” feels like an understatement. The two-word omission from the quote launched a firestorm, however, the result of which, I became wrongly labeled to the rest of the world as a Nazi, “writes MP Pertti Salolainen.

“The most saddest part of this whole mess was the official part of it, how the Finnish Embassy in Washington handled this issue.”

The following Salolainen script was originally published on  Kanava 3/2013 (Rev. 26.4).. publish a post in full.

What Salolainen is claiming, is that ”aika paljon” (quite a lot) was left out of the quote, when it wasn’t, and in fact, that portion was highlighted, being accurately translated.

The infamous story got its beginning on the Yle Morning TV  in a debate on the last day of November, the night before the incident a politically charged UN vote for Palestinian observer-ship in the global organization was confirmed. UN Member States, the vast majority, accompanied by Finland, voted in favor of Palestine’s role.

Most attention was focused on why the U.S. voted against it. More generally, of course, is of interest as to why the United States finds it difficult to deal with issues relating to Israel. I was on morning TV in the process of analyzing the issue with a few other experts, and there was the usual, discussion, small-time program.

Yes Pertti Salolainen  was in a debate, but not in a hotly contested debate like one would see on US or British television, everyone was giving each other time to speak and in measured tones. Salolainen was sitting listening to others speak, formulating his own response before he made his outrageous statements. This was not an ”off-the-cuff” remark in a spirited debate, this was done in a calm, cool and collected atmosphere which is generally the norm in Finnish political debates. There were no talking over of the other etc.

After the program, YLE news editor released on the basis of the discussion in the news, a statement. I was quoted in the news as follows: “The United States finds it difficult to take a neutral position in the Israel-Palestine issue, because they have such an influential Jewish population, which has both the money and the media in their hands. The U.S. Administration has not correctly ventured for internal political reasons, to do enough with this case. “

The quote  however, was incorrect, as I said in the debate of the Jewish population “that quite a lot of the media and money is in their hands.So quite a lot of money and media in their hands, and not all of the money and the media.

It was not until several days later, when the case had become such a huge fuss did it became clear that I had been wrongly quoted from the YLE news story.  As I was wondering about the brouhaha, and I began to investigate  and found out that my statement had been presented to the rest of the world in a wrongly worded form.

Some had fed it to the specialists for hunting Nazi criminals, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which had called the Embassy in Washington, as well as demanding evidence of my being relieved by the Government of Finland of all political positions of trust.

First of all, this might be the case of how it was reported within the Finnish media, but certainly not the way it was reported outside of Finland through this blog as the record clearly shows, in both the video with proper subtitles and the article in the JPost, as well as in the SWC press release itself. The misquote in the YLE article was not the source for the quote that went around the world (nor does it matter), the Tundra Tabloids’ accurate quote was, which had properly included the ”aika paljon” portion in the quote (quite a lot) which was more than enough.

JPOST 01.12.2012: 

jpost salolainen remark

Simon Wiesenthal Center: 30.11.2012


Once more, in both cases, the SWC, on the very same day of the YLE broadcast, as well as the J’lem Post article by Benny Weinthal on the following day, included the ”aika paljon” portion in their quote of Pertti Salolainen.

It’s very obvious to me that Pertti Salolainen is trying to reinvent the historical record surrounding his highly outrageous comments, as well as doubling down on his original intent, that ”American Jews have to a large extent (quite a lot) both the US media and money in their pockets, and as a result America has a disproportionate favorable view towards Israel”.

In short, in trying to rewrite the record to exonerate himself, and he’s done it again, he really did mean what he said!

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Glad to see that the ADL got a hold of Finnish MP, Pertti Salolainen.

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012

The ADL: ADL wrote to Pertti Salolainen, a Finnish Member of Parliamen,t calling on him to retract and apologize for his televised remarks that American political support for Israel is a result of “a large Jewish population who have significant control of the money and the media. The US for internal political reasons is afraid to become adequately involved.” Mr. Salolainen reportedly responded to criticism of his remarks by denying that they were anti-Semitic and asserted that they constituted “a pure analysis of foreign policy.”



Cry me a river Mr.Part-time antisemite.

Part-time antisemite, Pertti Salolainen is, and has been, spinning his self inflicted political scandal into something that makes himself look the victim, though he alone, and the YLE journalist that just sat there like a-house-by-the-side-of-the-road, are guilty of promoting an antisemitic slur against US Jews.

The whole issue is not over Salolainen having this or that opinion of the conflict, or over Israel’s role, responsibilities, and supposed errors made, but simply that he characterized US Jews in a way that could have been read word for word from the Protocols of Zion, and now he’s disingenuously crying victim.

Watch the video tape, this has nothing to do with the Jewish lobby, nor his disagreement with the US vote on the PLO’s observer status. It’s all about his saying that ”Jews have the money and the media in their hands to a large extent”. He also takes another poke at Jewish loyalty in the following op-ed, though stops short of what he means. He’s not doing himself any favors in his op-ed.

H/T: Vasarahammer

U.S.-Israel policy must be able to be analyzed without stigmatization

Helsingin Sanomat: 11.12.2012 4
Pertti Salolainen Minister

MP (Conservative), Helsinki

Journalist Pekka Mykkänen aptly discussed in his analysis of the news (HS 12.4)  U.S. Israel policy. He said that my comment on TV (YLE Morning TV 30, 11) had hit near the goal. So very close. I envy Mykkänen that he had access to six columns in the paper for his analysis. I had a TV show on this issue for about a minute.

Since the TV debate that has caused some comments and mistranslations, I would like to add to my analysis of the relationship between the United States and Israel.

First of all, most importantly: without U.S. contribution the two-state model can not be achieved. Therefore, it was, and is, important to find out why the United States did not support the Palestinian observer state status, even if the  overwhelming majority of the UN, including Finland, supported it.

Israel is a strategic ally of the United States in a troubled Middle East, which receives substantial military aid.

In the United States a huge number of Christian and religious movements who respond very positively to Israel affect internal politics . This is of great political significance, which was highlighted in the last presidential election. Republican candidate Mitt Romney signaled his willingness to support Israel if it would bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

As Mykkänen said, the U.S. Jewish population’s influence is greater than their demographics.

In particular, in the Senate and the House of Representatives the Israel lobby seems to have strong support. Also, in important foreign policy positions of influence, there are officials of Jewish background. This does not automatically mean that they would be biased.

President Barack Obama’s second official term sets expectations for the Middle East peace process, in terms of start-up. It is significant that the United States is like the EU strongly condemning the so-called E1 plan for settlement in the West Bank. Of course, it also can not accept Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.

I received a number of comments in respect of which some have been rude, I’m wondering whether we are back in the Soviet era, in which foreign policy analysis can not be presented without stigmatization. After all, in my analysis there was nothing anti-Semitic nor could it be, because, as my colleague Ben Zyskowicz said in this journal (HS 2 12) that he has known me intimately 40 years and has not observed any anti-semitism.



The Finnish tabloid paper, Iltalehti leads with the following headline (3.12.2012, yellow press only):

Is this on Salolainen’s night table?

The Finnish political elite desperately want to shove this story under the carpet. All you in the West who are as outraged over this as I am, keep the pressure on. The lead story in the above article is taking issue with Gideon Bolotowsky’s statement about ”Salolainen better change his reading material on his bedroom nightstand, from Mein Kampf and the Protocols of Zion to some lighter reading”. Saying that it was ”off the mark”.

It wasn’t off the mark, and it’s exactly for this reason that the issue should stay in the media’s headlines because the key issues remain unresolved. Salolainen remains convinced that ”he’s the victim”, the state broadcaster YLE crowd, who sat there like a bunch of toadstools listening to his antisemitic diatribe and said nothing, are still convinced that its the ”short tempered fuses of those involved in the M-E conflict” that mere discussing the issue causes Jews in the US to get upset.

It has everything to do with Salolainen’s antisemitic diatribe, not his position on the settlements and Israel’s supposed intransigence. They are playing games here with semantics and/or are completely clueless as to what constitutes antisemitism. It shows a dire need for the political cultural elite here to be schooled in what is antisemitism. Their response to this scandal is reverberating around the Finnish internet, with genuinely good people believing Salolainen is innocent of the claims, as well as every antisemite and ignoramus coming out of the woodwork to chime in.

The YLE motley crew of under achievers are completely clueless, and laying blame elsewhere, when it is this organization which is partly to blame, for not correcting Salolainen when he spoke, meaning, the dizzy blond on the right.

I’ll forgive the Iltalehti for trying to take credit for breaking the story in Finland and abroad, all those who read this blog know full well that it was the TT that actually found the words offensive and broke the story first.

The Iltalehti for all its efforts, (which I actually applaud for running the story in the Finnish media after the JPost had published the story mentioning the Tundra Tabloids blog) still fails to zero in on the main story here.

The fact that anyone sitting or standing in ear-shot range of the part-time antisemite, Pertti Salolainen while he made his antisemitic remarks, failed to recognize his remarks for what they were, and have only added to the misconception here in the Finnish media, and in the internet forums and blogs, that saying wealthy Jews own the media to a large extent,   is not wrong, let alone antisemitic.

That’s the story here, as well as Salolainen’s actions afterwards, denial, sanctimonious outrage for being outed and face saving, as well as his fellow party member, Ben Zyskowicz’s, (personally a nice man) placing party politics and his friendship with Salolainen, over the truth, and helping to further cloud the issue. There has to be a major clearing of the air here that’s tainted with cover-up and denial.



It’s a mixed batch of omissions, admissions and defense of Salolainen’s comments. One of the more important points raised by the TT’s good friend TINSC early on, is that:

“The U.S. vote had nothing to do with anyone’s control over the media and everything to do with witnessing bi-lateral agreements between the PA and Israel that clearly stated that all matters would be settled by bi-lateral face-to-face negotiations.”

Pertti Salolainen, blew it as a senior diplomat, the US has been long on record in fostering the ”peace process”, and as TINSC makes it clear, the US was just honoring its commitment to that peace process in its negative vote on the PLO’s observer status at the UN.

Both Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila and Mika Aaltola miss that point entirely, and while the former agrees that Salolainen’s words were a (gross) exaggeration of pro-Israel Jewish influence in the media, the former agrees with J H-A that uproar over Salolainen’s words proves his point.

What’s also missing here is YLE discussing its role in standing there idly by while Salolainen made his antisemitic slur and no one in the discussion objected to it. It shows the lack of knowledge in Finland as to what constitutes antisemitism. The brouhaha is not over Salolainen’s failure to understand the US vote, but about his gross antisemitic claims, something that these two ”experts” fail to understand, as well as the state TV broadcaster which failed to act responsibly during Salolainen’s antisemitic comments, and still does.

H/T: Vasarahammer

Professor astonished over Salolainen’s straight talk about the Jews

YLE: According to professor Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, Pertti Salolainen exaggerated to say that the vast majority of the U.S. media would be behind the pro-Israel group.

Familiar with the Middle East, Professor Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila is surprised by MP Salolainen (cons), straight talk about the Jewish community’s influence in the United States.

– Actually, it is not surprising that he said it, but the fact that he is an experienced politician who said it on a live television broadcast. It’s probably more surprising than the issue itself, Häme-Anttila said on Yle morning television.

According to Hämeen-Anttila, Salolainen described the controversy with his comment really quite well concerning the U.S. domestic political situation – although somewhat pointedly. According to Hämeen-Anttila, Salolainen exaggerated when he said that the majority of the U.S. media would be for the Israel lobbying group.

– Yes, this kind of lobbying on behalf of the Israel lobby itself is there and it is pretty powerful, Häme-Anttila granted.

Surprisingly, it is not what he says, but the fact that he is an experienced politician says it’s just a live television broadcast.

Hämeen-Anttila, Salolainen chose his words poorly when talking about the Jews, as it is more of a group representing the interests of Israel.

“Small nuances provide a fuss”

Institute of International Affairs Programme (UPI) Manager Mika Aaltola in turn, pointed out that the risen fuss over the words of Salolainen, proved his words to be true.

– After all, he pointed out that it is difficult to take a neutral position on this issue. He succeeded very much in proving it through his comments. That this is difficult to talk about, Aaltola said.

According to him, the Middle East crisis is so deeply rooted in the speaking culture (TT-surrounding the conflict), that even small nuances can cause a huge stir.

Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Vice Chairman Pertti Salolainen said last Friday morning on TV that the U.S. finds it difficult to take a more neutral position on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, as the American Jews have a lot of influence on the economy and the media.

Nazi criminal hunting Simon Wiesenthal organization of Finland’s ambassador in Washington a letter, in which it seeks Finland’s distancing itself from Salolainen’s comments. The organization also called on the Government of Finland to take action and remove Salolainen from all official positions.



MP Pertti Salolainen still maintaining ‘his struggle’

The golden quote: 

“Salolainen should change his night table reading for some other books than the Protocols of Zion and Mein Kampf, in which Jewish domination of the world is very much on display.”

NOTE: I only translated the more interesting part of the HS article. The rest has already been published here on prior occasions.

Salolainen refutes accusations of anti-Semitism

HS: Bolotowsky: You should change your night table reading for some other books than Mein Kampf.


Gideon Bolotowsky President of the Central Council of the Jewish Community, the criticism Salolainen has received is “absolutely” justified.

According to Bolotowsky, Salolainen’s words has caused a frost on Finland’s foreign political relations in Washington as well as in Jerusalem, and that he should draw his own conclusions and resign.

“Salolainen should change night table reading for some other books than the Protocols of Zion and Mein Kampf, in which Jewish domination of the world is very much on display.”

Protocols of Zion is a world-scam book, which describes the Jewish plans to conquer the world. Mein Kampf, written by Adolf Hitler, is the basis of the Nazi ideology.

Conservative Party Member of Parliament Ben Zyskowicz has known fellow party members 40 years and does not hold him in any case, to be anti-Semitic. Instead Salolainen word choices were in his view, failed.



Finland, trying to ”out do” their Norwegian and Swedish neighbors?

It reads:

Israeli paper takes notice of Salolainen’s words

The paper has a poll running noticeable at the bottom, with over 6540 having cast their votes, over 80% agree that his words were….. ”objective”. 84% – 16%




In light of the recent scandal here in Finland, now dubbed ‘Salolainen-Gate‘ by the TT, where a popular politician states a few notorious antisemtic claims on Finland’s state television morning program, Aamu TV, I deem it necessary to publish the wise words of Elie Wiesel on the Holocaust and antisemitism.



Another failure in the making.

Ben Zyskowicz (Kok) tries to defend his colleague from the SWC’s charges, and diffuse the situation on the homefront. How about the words he spoke being antisemitic Ben?

UPDATE: In a Iltalehti story naming the TTSalolainen is calling it a ”roskahöpöjuttu” issue or in the king’s plain English, a ”trash, nonsense story”. He says that:

“it’s a wonder that in Finland one can not analyze the policy of the United States”.

Sure go ahead Pertti, just don’t use ancient antisemitic stereotypes of Jews while doing it. Oh, and to the folks at Iltalehti, it’s the Jerusalem Post, not Israel Post.

This is pure politics. If the politician happened to have been The Finns, Timo Soini who had   a ”failure” in his choice of words, he would have been condemned by not only the Kokoomus party MP, Zyskowicz himself, he would have had the entire political establishment and the media on his neck, and rightly so.

I happen to think of B.Zyskowicz as a good person, and an able politician, but in my opinion, he’s falling on his sword here for party politics, called saving face and covering your ass. It also might come fom some basic ignorance as well, as a close friend points out:

B.Zyskowicz fails to understand what antisemitism is and obviously does not comprehend that men are judged based on whatever bullshit comes out of their mouths or pens.

Pertti Salolainen might be a wonderful guy who loves Jewish culture, but to say that a) Jews control the media and b) Because Jews control the media there is no chance for peace i.e. those cunning Jews do not want peace, we can safely conclude that his statement was antisemitic.

It’s actually quite possible that Salolainen does not think of himself as an antisemite. I don’t think he hates Jews, but he clearly holds some antisemitic views.

Like I said, a part-time antisemite, and there are many forms of them. The kind that my friend mentions, like Salolainen, as well as those who use a fake humanitarianism, like Holocaust memorial commemorations, to cover for their deep dislike for Jews, which is exposed by their open hatred for the Jewish state of Israel.

NOTE: As for the SWC’s demands for him to be removed from office, what else should they require after a notable politician makes such an outrageous statement, that unfortunately too many of his fellow countrymen (example: nasty comments to all the Finnish articles) actually believe to be true?

Zyskowicz on Salolainen’s comments on Jews: “It is not true”

IltaSanomat: Conservative Party Member of Parliament Ben Zyskowicz deems the comments on Jews by his fellow party colleague a misguided choice of words.

Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of Finland Pertti Salolainen referred to U.S. influential Jewish population on the Yle Morning TV debate, which, he said, “that the media, as well as the money is in their hands.” According to Salolainen, this makes the Middle East policy of the country difficult to be neutral .

– Of course, the statement is a simplification. His word choice in the discussion in my opinion was a failure. I think he was mistaken to use this kind of wording, Zyskowicz says.

– It is true that the United States has a strong Israel lobby, with lots of religious Jewish circles and involved, and that a large number of Jews in the financial markets and the media. But no one can argue that the money and the media are in the hands of the Jews, that’s not true.

Zyskowicz also points out that those who working in those fields, like other Jews, have different opinions.

– It is completely wrong to assume that they would be like-minded with each other. In the United States there are many Jewish journalists and editors, who have conflicting views on the Middle East issues.

Zyskowicz, a religious Jew emphasizes, however, that you should not deem Salolainen’s words as a sign of intolerance. Previously, the  Simon Wiesenthal Center specializing in hunting Nazi criminals, demanded that Salolainen be fired for the anti-Semitic words.

– Pertti Salolainen in not in any case an anti-Semite or a racist. On the contrary, he is very tolerant and equitable person to all minorities, Zyskowicz declares.

– I’ve known him for over 40 years, and I can truly say that from the heart, he has not shown any kind of anti-semitism.

Zyskowicz also surprised by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s demand that the Finnish Government take up the matter of Salolainen.

– Their demands are quite extravagant. This shows that they do not understand Finnish political system. The Board of Directors or by the Finnish authorities do not take a position on the Finnish word forms used by politicians, not to mention that the government was somehow responsible for what individual politicians say.



Digging in the heels!

It’s why I labeled him a ”part time antisemite”. I don’t doubt he has Jewish friends, but they must be taken aback by his assertion that, spoken in clear terms:

The United States finds it difficult to take a more neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine issue, because they have such an influential Jewish population, which has both money and the media in its hands to a large extent. The U.S. Administration has not dared to venture, due to internal political reasons, enough with this issue. This is terrible truth about U.S. policy.

But he did in fact make an antisemitic statement, whether he owns up to it or not.

Salolainen: I do not have anything to do with anti-Semitism

YLE: MP Pertti Salolainen (cons) deems the Wiesenthal Center’s  accusation of ant-Semitism incomprehensible. Salolainen analyzed the impact of the Jewish lobby on U.S. policy on Friday morning TV .

Salolainen in an email to Yle news  stresses  that he was making a pure foreign policy analysis.

– U.S. Middle East policy is heavily influenced by internal political religious reasons. The country has a strong religious lobby the movements that defend Israel. In this, the Jewish minority is of great importance, clarifies Salolainen.

– The religious significance of the movements are strong in the Senate and in Congress of the United States, as I have seen on a number of trips.

Accusation of anti-Semitism, Salolainen acknowledges, is incomprehensible.

– I do not have anything to do with anti-Semitism. As many of the my Jewish friends can attest.

Salolainen emphasize that the background to United States foreign politics is important to understand, as the country is the key to Middle East peace building.

– The EU has so far proven to be too inefficient to build the peace.



Both YLE and Uusisuomi fail to provide the full quote.

It’s not like the Finnish public funded state broadcaster didn’t have access to the exact quote of Salolainen’s statement from it’s own morning program, Aamu TV. YLE’s news site has the following report where it ”rounds off” what the National Coalition parliamentarian actually said:


Salolainen said on YLE’s program on Firday, that the United States has a difficulty in taking a more neutral role in the Israel and Palestinian conflict, because Jews have a lot of influence in the economy and media.

Eh, not so fast YLE, that is not exactly what Mr. Salolainen said. Here is the exact quote, in Finnish then directly below it in English:

“Yhdysvaltojen on vaikea ottaa neutraalimpaa kantaa tässä Israel-Palestiina-asiassa, koska heillä on niin vaikutusvaltainen juutalaisväestö, jolla on sekä rahat että media käsissä. Yhdysvaltain hallinto ei ole oikein uskaltanut lähteä sisäpoliittisista syistä tekemään riittävästi tämän asian kanssa. Tämä on surkea totuus Yhdysvaltojen politiikasta”


– The United States finds it difficult to take a more neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine issue, because they have such an influential Jewish population, which has both money and the media in its hands to a large extent. The U.S. Administration has not dared to venture, due to internal political reasons, enough with this issue. This is terrible truth about U.S. policy.

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The JPost article gives a shout out to the Tundra Tabloids. 

UPDATE: News round up

The Finnish Ambassador to the United States has been already contacted by the Simon Weisenthal Center over Pertti Salolainen’s antisemitic remarks on state TV. The SWC has the story up on its webpage here.

NOTE: Lets see how soon the Finnish media begins to report on this scandal, what form the reporting takes (circling the wagons), and what becomes of it. Will the part-time antisemite Pertti Salolainen retain his position, or will he be removed with official apologies coming from the Finnish Ministery of Foreign Affairs over the scandal?

Also, what about the Finnish state broadcaster’s (YLE) role in the televised scandal? The network allowed the antisemitic canard to go unchallenged, as did the Social Democrat and The Finns representative.

Finnish politician: Jews control money, media in US

12/01/2012 01:47

JPost: Pertti Salolainen says Jews cause US to be “afraid” of neutrality in Middle East conflict; Finnish site calls him “part-time anti-Semite.”


BERLIN – Finland’s Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Pertti  Salolainen asserted on Thursday that American Jews have vast control over the wealth and media in the United States and that impedes the US government from remaining neutral toward the Palestinians.

Pertti Salolainen’s remarks sparked sharp criticism from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an international human rights group with its headquarters in Los Angeles, and the Finnish media watchdog website Tundra Tabloids.

While discussing the UN General Assembly vote to upgrade the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to non-member observer state status on the state television program YLE Aamu TV, Salolainen said: “Now about the United States, it finds it difficult to take a more neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine issue because they have a large Jewish population who have a significant control of the money and the media. The US for internal political reasons is afraid to become adequately involved. This is a sad truth about US politics.”

Finland’s government voted to upgrade the PLO.

Mark Weitzman, from the Wiesenthal Center, wrote to Ritva Koukku-Ronde, the Finnish Ambassador to the US, “That such remarks can come from a pillar of the political elite in Finland is dismaying and astonishing; but that this remark was unchallenged makes it appear that such ideas are part of acceptable discourse in Finland.”

Weitzman  continued that Finland joined the International Task Force for Holocaust Education, Research and Remembrance and “At this point, Finland must immediately act to show that it remains committed to these ideals,” by officially condemning and repudiating Salolainen’s remarks  He called on the Finish government to  take steps to remove the parliamentarian from any official position.

The pro-Israel Helsinki-based website Tundra Tabloids posted a translation of Pertti Salolainen’s comments and the television clip with a translation. Tundra Tabloids termed Salolainen “a part-time anti-Semite” and said he propagated  a modern version of the notorious 19th century  anti-Semitic document “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” with his diatribe of Jew-hatred and conspiracy theories.

When asked in early November by The Jerusalem Post if statements from Hezbollah calling for the murder of Jews and Israelis and praise for Holocaust denial are anti-Semitic, Pekka Marttila, from the Finnish Foreign Ministry, refused to answer.

Frank Johansson, the head of Finland’s Amnesty International office, caused an anti-Semitism scandal in 2010 when he labeled Israel a “scum state” on the website of Finland’s third-largest newspaper Iltalehti. In an interview with the Post, Frank Johansson, defended the term and said he would only apply it to the Jewish state and some Russian officials. He retained his job with the human rights organization.

UPDATE:Now being reported in the Finnish media:

“Nazi hunters irritated/mad/angry over Pertti Salonen’s words”

And also at the excellent Finnish blog: Smith and Wesson



U.S. Jews control the media and the money!

UPDATE: JPost gives the TT honorable mention in report.

UPDATE: II News roundup

Now it becomes clear why Finland’s conservative led government voted in favor of yesterday’s measure at the UN. Finland’s Foreign Affairs Committee is full of part-time antisemites like Salonen.

Finnish Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Pertti Salolainen on YLE Aamu TV (30.11.2012) discussing yesterday’s vote in the UN General Assembly which granted the Palestinian Authority observer status, with fellow members Ilkka Kantola (SDP) and Tom Packalén (True Finns):

– The United States finds it difficult to take a more neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine issue, because they have such an influential Jewish population, which has both money and the media in its hands to a large extent. The U.S. Administration has not dared to venture, due to internal political reasons, enough with this issue. This is terrible truth about U.S. policy.”

This was done on state TV, and none of the other participants in the program objected to his statements. I smell a lawsuit against the taxpayer funded television and radio broadcaster coming.

He (Salonen) falsely believes that it’s Jews alone who are influential in keeping the US on Israel’s side, when in fact, the Christian community vastly outnumbers the Jewish community in size and wealth.

Then there’s the fact that US citizens naturally side with fellow liberal democracies over that of thuggish 3rd world dictatorships. The fact that Palestinians have been killing US politicians and its bureaucrats over the years, is just an extra reason why Americans do not take a shining to them.

Pertti Salonen is a greatly confused individual in need of some therapy.

The video is here in Finnish. A great posting of the story in Finnish is here at Smith & Wesson.

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