In light of the recent scandal here in Finland, now dubbed ‘Salolainen-Gate‘ by the TT, where a popular politician states a few notorious antisemtic claims on Finland’s state television morning program, Aamu TV, I deem it necessary to publish the wise words of Elie Wiesel on the Holocaust and antisemitism.

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  1. Interesting but ‘education’, per se, isn’t the issue in the way that Elie Wiesel suggests, given Islam doesn’t abide or contain/accept The Golden Rule.

    Consider that in Islam, antisemitism is integral to muslim education, if not a critical block – without which the foundation of Islam collapses.

    Begs the question . . .did Elie Wiesel ever communicate an understanding of Islamic anti-semitism? Did Simon Wiesenthal ever express such understanding of Islam, especially given his investigations of crimes against humanity which took place during the Holocaust, which should have revealed the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem’s part in the Holocaust? If either of these admirable men have expressed a clear understanding of the anti-semitism inherent to Islam, I’d certainly like to read/see it.

  2. It is sad that Salolainen’s comments are interpreted as they are by Israelites. His analysis was about the United States policies and the number of influential jews in the United States influencing decisions made in the US.
    Were the comments antisemitic, not by a long shot but the reaction certainly points in the direction that free speech, as far as Israel, is to be limited in any respect or criticism.
    I grew up with a lot of jewish friends, have had many jewish employers and get along with them just fine and respect them. What I do not respect is the State of Israel using it’s military power to denigrate and control the Palestinians. It is not simply self-defense but much more than that and likens their existence and treatment to those of the jews in the slums of Warsaw and as a people I would think that Israelites would see the folly in this. No people being dominated by others are going to be happy about it and a permanent solution to the conflict must be found. However that is not possible while the Palestinians are denied statehood by Israel and it’s allies, ie. The United States of America. On the same stroke of the pen as a Canadian I also resent the Government of Canada voting against the recent resolution at the United Nations.
    Historically no nation governed by religious sects has ever lived in peace, this applies to all nations, not just Israel and Palestine, until such time there will be turmoil.

    1. Harri, you’re throwing out a lot false assertions here. The first is that Salolainen didn’t engage in the most basic antisemitic assertions, that rich Jews drive the media and control the US government. You’re way off base. He and you as well, do not understand the US nor what constitutes antisemitism. That a cabal of Jews manipulate teh US electorate might be a tempting scenario for a Finn who can’t understand why the average American supports Israel, but as an American, I can tell you that its because we identify with a fellow democracy over that of thugocracies, and other types of totalitarian regimes.

      As for the Paleostinians, they are a threat to themselves, treat their fellow Arabs like crap, their society is rampant with corruption, hostile to liberal ideas, genuine democracy, Abbas is in his 8th year in four year term as ”el presidente”, they manipulate/brainwash their children with antisemitic propaganda and the culture of death, use their kids from 10-16 in actual fighting and have absconded with billions and billions of foreign aid. They want Israel destroyed more than they want a state of their own.

      If teh Arabs lay down their guns, peace will break out, if the Israeli lay down their weapons, the Arabs would tear them apart like they did the green houses of Gaza, left to them by billionaire Jews as an olive branch.

    2. Harri

      Free speech is not “limited”. People can say what they like, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be or shouldn’t be criticised for what they say, especially when they are lawmakers.

      And when you refer to people as “Israelites”, and use a small ‘j’ for Jewish and Jews, I think I know where you are coming from.

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