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Cry me a river Mr.Part-time antisemite.

Part-time antisemite, Pertti Salolainen is, and has been, spinning his self inflicted political scandal into something that makes himself look the victim, though he alone, and the YLE journalist that just sat there like a-house-by-the-side-of-the-road, are guilty of promoting an antisemitic slur against US Jews.

The whole issue is not over Salolainen having this or that opinion of the conflict, or over Israel’s role, responsibilities, and supposed errors made, but simply that he characterized US Jews in a way that could have been read word for word from the Protocols of Zion, and now he’s disingenuously crying victim.

Watch the video tape, this has nothing to do with the Jewish lobby, nor his disagreement with the US vote on the PLO’s observer status. It’s all about his saying that ”Jews have the money and the media in their hands to a large extent”. He also takes another poke at Jewish loyalty in the following op-ed, though stops short of what he means. He’s not doing himself any favors in his op-ed.

H/T: Vasarahammer

U.S.-Israel policy must be able to be analyzed without stigmatization

Helsingin Sanomat: 11.12.2012 4
Pertti Salolainen Minister

MP (Conservative), Helsinki

Journalist Pekka Mykkänen aptly discussed in his analysis of the news (HS 12.4)  U.S. Israel policy. He said that my comment on TV (YLE Morning TV 30, 11) had hit near the goal. So very close. I envy Mykkänen that he had access to six columns in the paper for his analysis. I had a TV show on this issue for about a minute.

Since the TV debate that has caused some comments and mistranslations, I would like to add to my analysis of the relationship between the United States and Israel.

First of all, most importantly: without U.S. contribution the two-state model can not be achieved. Therefore, it was, and is, important to find out why the United States did not support the Palestinian observer state status, even if the  overwhelming majority of the UN, including Finland, supported it.

Israel is a strategic ally of the United States in a troubled Middle East, which receives substantial military aid.

In the United States a huge number of Christian and religious movements who respond very positively to Israel affect internal politics . This is of great political significance, which was highlighted in the last presidential election. Republican candidate Mitt Romney signaled his willingness to support Israel if it would bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

As Mykkänen said, the U.S. Jewish population’s influence is greater than their demographics.

In particular, in the Senate and the House of Representatives the Israel lobby seems to have strong support. Also, in important foreign policy positions of influence, there are officials of Jewish background. This does not automatically mean that they would be biased.

President Barack Obama’s second official term sets expectations for the Middle East peace process, in terms of start-up. It is significant that the United States is like the EU strongly condemning the so-called E1 plan for settlement in the West Bank. Of course, it also can not accept Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.

I received a number of comments in respect of which some have been rude, I’m wondering whether we are back in the Soviet era, in which foreign policy analysis can not be presented without stigmatization. After all, in my analysis there was nothing anti-Semitic nor could it be, because, as my colleague Ben Zyskowicz said in this journal (HS 2 12) that he has known me intimately 40 years and has not observed any anti-semitism.

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  1. Seriously? He repeated Jewish blood libel as fact, repeatedly refused to retract his statement or heaven forbid, apologize! Then he subbornly dug in his heels and insisted he was right to say such filth.

    Now that the Jewish community and people are outraged by him over the issue, he suddenly wants to play the victim? He’s a victim of his own mouth and shameful thoughts. It’s very rare to watch a politician dig himself into a hole and refuse to climb out of it.

  2. Finnish MSM basically treated him with kid gloves and hinted that he was “partly right”. In the leftist-controlled Finnish media environment there is no pressure for him to apologize.

    Even those who see how outrageous his statement actually was prefer to explain it away.

  3. Are you living in the Soviet Union?


    This guy is infuriated. Please tell me he’s done in politics.

  4. Salolainen is a senior politician who began his career during the Finlandization era. He’s referring to the treatment of those Finns deemed “anti-Soviet” during that era when he talks about the Soviet Union.

    However, the comparison is not appropriate, since Salolainen’s statement has been treated with understanding by the Finnish media and the usual talking heads. His statement has not been widely condemned and he has not been ostracized in the political decision making, as was the case with the Finlandization era dissidents.

    1. Well put Vasarahammer. Salolainen is flailing all over the place, right now he couldn’t hit a barn door with a bat.

  5. Well, its good to know that the Finnish people stand behind Salolainen, against foreigners who think they have any right whatsoever to dictate the terms and limitations of our freedom of expression.

    In many other places, this would have caused hysterics. Finnish media and politicians showed some maturity for once, when they did not jump on the bandwagon of the smear-campaigners. 🙂

    1. What smear campaign? Salolainen owns his words and does not take them back. This makes him eligible for a membership in Stormfront. It was also the Jewish community of Helsinki who complained to the deaf and dumb Salolainen. Again, how do you smear a man with his own words? You must feel very proud to know a racist spouting Jewish blood libel represents you and is an international embarrassment to Finland.

    2. You keep banging the same old pot, it has nothing to do with ”freedom of expression” and everything to do with a top Finnish politician engaging in the worst type of antisemitic slur, straight from the protocols of Zion. Stand with your part-time anti-Semitic Kokoomus politico, embrace him, but that’s what you’re embracing and standing for.

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