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U.S. Jews control the media and the money!

UPDATE: JPost gives the TT honorable mention in report.

UPDATE: II News roundup

Now it becomes clear why Finland’s conservative led government voted in favor of yesterday’s measure at the UN. Finland’s Foreign Affairs Committee is full of part-time antisemites like Salonen.

Finnish Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Pertti Salolainen on YLE Aamu TV (30.11.2012) discussing yesterday’s vote in the UN General Assembly which granted the Palestinian Authority observer status, with fellow members Ilkka Kantola (SDP) and Tom Packalén (True Finns):

– The United States finds it difficult to take a more neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine issue, because they have such an influential Jewish population, which has both money and the media in its hands to a large extent. The U.S. Administration has not dared to venture, due to internal political reasons, enough with this issue. This is terrible truth about U.S. policy.”

This was done on state TV, and none of the other participants in the program objected to his statements. I smell a lawsuit against the taxpayer funded television and radio broadcaster coming.

He (Salonen) falsely believes that it’s Jews alone who are influential in keeping the US on Israel’s side, when in fact, the Christian community vastly outnumbers the Jewish community in size and wealth.

Then there’s the fact that US citizens naturally side with fellow liberal democracies over that of thuggish 3rd world dictatorships. The fact that Palestinians have been killing US politicians and its bureaucrats over the years, is just an extra reason why Americans do not take a shining to them.

Pertti Salonen is a greatly confused individual in need of some therapy.

The video is here in Finnish. A great posting of the story in Finnish is here at Smith & Wesson.

Transcript below the fold

As we just heard in the morning news the General Assembly voted ealry in the morning last night Finnish time, for an observer status the Palestinian Authority at the UN. Finland supported the position. What does this mean, why did Finland support the measure, and where will it lead. We will speak with the three members of the Foreign Affairs Committee , Vice Chairman Pertti Savolainen, members Ilkka Kantola (SDP) and Tom Packalén (True Finns). Good morning.

What does this resolution mean all in all?

Pertti Savolainen: It means many things, but above all it means that the international community has decided that this can’t continue any longer. Israel is builiding illegal settlements, and when this happens it futher hinders the possibility of a two state solution in the future. It becomes even more difficult.

Abbas said last night, he said in earnest that this is the last chance to establish a two state solution sometime in the future. The other matter is that this shows that something has to happen at the negotiating table front. The international community has had it with the situation and, this can’t continue, the settlements are being built illegally, and Israel and Gaza have went at each other over the past couple of years with rockets and killing each other. This can no longer continue like this, we’re tired of the situation and soomething new has to happen.

Are the others of the opinion that the path to a two state solution has reached its end?

Tom Packalén: The result is not the worst thing that could have happened, but I didn’t approve of the decision, we should have refrained from voting yes, like Germany.

Because nothing good will become of it, the Oslo Accords are the model, where they agree that that we shall negiotiate and move forward from here and the Palestinians wouldn’t attempt to achieve that status. The ramifications of the decision of the Palestinians in getting the observer status, it means that the US funding will end to the organization because its law forbids it.
Ilkka Kantola approved of the decision for observer status, why?

Erkki Kantola: I deem it an important step but you have to remember that they approved of the Palestinians’ observer status, it doesn’t mean recognizing it as a member state. What’s in question is Abbas’ side, the moderate side of Palestinians that Abbas governs gained support, that kind of support is what helps the peace process move forward. [unclear] the Hamas is deemed as a terrorist organization, the international community has given Mahmoud Abbas support in this arrangement so that the peace process can move forward.

There are two points of view, one being the United States’, that you can’t by-pass Israel, you can’t by-pass the peace process which was agreed upon in Oslo so you can’t vote for Palestinian observer status, the other point of view, such as Finland’s, which it will lead to a better peace process solution. Tell us more , why you’re of that opinion.

It’s said that the Israeli and palestinian negotiations should be allowed to move forward, well of course if there is supposed to be negotiations there should be to some extent a balance between the both sides, but the Palestinians have no real status, nor do they still, but they are now changing to a position where they have a bit more status than before and more balanced in the future. Now about the United States, it finds it difficult to take a more neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine issue, because they have such an influential Jewish population, which has both money and the media in its hands to a large extent. The U.S. Administration has not dared to venture, due to internal political reasons, enough with this issue. This is terrible truth about U.S. policy.”

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  1. Nasty. I never quite understand why exactly people believe the media is ‘controlled’ by Jews and whereas at the very same time the media is very biased AGAINST Israel and sometimes (very) apologetic about Hamas. They don’t see this bias or is it just not enough bias? Go figure.

    1. He never said media is ‘controlled’ by anyone. And you think media like FOX is biased against Israel???

  2. 1. A neutral stance is abstaining.

    2. Does this mean that because of influential Muslims countries like France are Pro-Palestininian?

    Why is a Pro-Palestinian position consider the correct/neutral one anyway?

  3. Unbelievable that people in power cannot study an issue. If they weren’t so lazy they would know the reality of things. Abbas and company are very clear. They want to kill every Jew in the middle east and completely destroy Israel.
    A vote for the fantasy land of palestine is a vote to destroy a legitimate, sovereign UN member nation.

    An afterthought: Do they realize if the faux palestine is ever given the status of a nation and it attacks Israel, then Israel can declare war and take the land over completely? The rules of war are very clear on this.

    1. Completely aside from the original subject here, but as a reply to Cloudberry:

      Would you not be mad if foreigners gave your country to someone else because their so called “holy book” tells them it’s theirs? Hell, i could write a book and say it’s gods work and get myself a country. Maybe i should be a subject to a genocide first by a third party to make it look more righteous for me.

      1. No one gave Israel to the Jews, the UN recognized teh facts on the ground. Using the Holocaust as a means to besmirch the Jewish state’s right to exist…is a moral inversion of great magnitude.

  4. Tamsu: First, Israel does not justify its existence on the Bible or any other religious item, notion or tradition. It is a secular Liberal Democracy whose founders happened to be Communists and Socialists, men and women who not only rejected ALL religion, but despised it to the nth degree.

    Secondly, you talk about taking away a country…Not only has there never been a nation named “Palestine,” there has never, ever been an Arab nation on that land. At most the land was rueled by Arabs for a little more than a hundred years as a backwater and neglected province in a vast empire. Arabs live there solely as the beneficiaries of violent and racist invaders whose entire rationale depended upon a religious holy book. Talk about irony, accusing Israeli secularists of stealing their own ancestral homeland based upon Scripture, from a people who themselves use religion as their raison d’etre.

    Describing Jews as “foreigners” in the Levant would be comical if not couched in such disturbing ignorance. In your defence, yours is in fact quickly becoming the majority narrative due to a media that amazingly is labeled as “Jewish controlled.” Jews happen to be the only indigenous people in the equation. Arabs are interlopers and occupiers. Natives of a tiny portion in what is now Saudi Arabia, they currently occupy everything from Khorosan in Western Iran to Morocco and have exterminated countless peoples and cultures to do so.

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