Conservative principles based upon enlightenment philosophy, always trounces statist ideology based upon utopia.

  The ability to flip Progressives is absolutely astonishing how easy it is.  If you just sit down with them and get them out of their trenches you can do it in 15 minutes.  It’s absolutely incredible, and that’s kind of what I want to be talking about today.


Conservative warrior recounts his encounter with progressive students at the Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat.

Transcript here.


He (Rubio) can’t defend his record so he stayed away from a conservative event, it is now all too clear for all to see. 

Mark Levin: ‘Pretty Damn Rude’ for Marco Rubio to Bail on Conservative Convention… ‘Maybe He Had a Meeting with La Raza’ 

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA— Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 79% was a no show here at the 2016 Conservative Review convention in Greenville, South Carolina. And it appears that the organizers of the convention had no idea that he was going to bail out on the conference at the last minute.

Mark Levin, a prominent conservative author and Conservative Review’s editor-in-chief, expressed his disappointment in the Republican nominee for President in a press conference following the convention, which was attended by thousands of Republican voters.

A reporter asked Levin, “What do you make of Marco Rubio not being on the schedule?”

“This is a conservative convention. First he said he was coming. Then he didn’t come. So the voters can draw their own conclusions from that,” he answered.

Breitbart News then asked Levin how long ago Rubio committed to coming to the Conservative Review convention, and if reports were true if Rubio sent surrogates Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) 86% and  Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) 88% to speak on his behalf.

A staffer for the conference confirmed that Rubio had pledged to attend and speak at the conference earlier in the week.

“This isn’t about surrogates speaking. Are they running for President of the United States?” Levin asked. “This is about the candidate speaking.”

“If the conservative convention is not good enough for Marco Rubio, it’s not good enough for his surrogates,” Levin said. “Cruz didn’t send a surrogate in here. Carson didn’t send a surrogate in here. The others who stayed away … that’s up to them.”

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Anyone who tweets anything what Bob Dole has to say on politics, and think it meaningful, is a clueless to what conservatism is all about.

U.S. building and gambling kingpin Donald Trump speaks to the media on his arrival at Aberdeen airport, Scotland Friday April 28, 2006. Trump will visit the site of his planned 300 million pound (US$542 million; 432 million euro) golf development, where he wants to create the "best golf course in the world" on the 800-acre site at the nearby Menie Estate. (AP Photo/Andrew Milligan, PA) ** UNITED KINGDOM OUT NO SALES NO ARCHIVE ** LON808 05182006xquick 06052006xGUIDELIVE

I fully agree with Rush, that there has been a pent-up anxiety (which I also felt) over the exhausting Obama years, which is now being vented through a candidate in Donald Trump. In my opinion however, he’s not the 1st choice of candidate, Ted Cruz is.

I simply refuse to violate my own set of conservative principles (in picking for my first choice of candidate) to go along with the herd just because ‘someone says this or that’. I look at the history first, what the person has stood for, what they understand America to be, what is conservatism, etc..

I heard Trump on the radio last year during the summer, and he was asked the question, ”what does conservatism mean to you?”, and he gave the most boilerplate response that any RINO could have belched out. It doesn’t mean that Donald hasn’t progressed from that time, he has.

What it does mean is, that he can’t be trusted to think and react from a deeply seated set of conservative principles, which should be at this time in his life, like picking up a newspaper or taking a swing on the ninth hole.

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Nationalism and Populism Have Overtaken Conservatism in Terms of Appeal’

On his show on Wednesday, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh offered his analysis of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s rise, which he argued wasn’t a sign that conservative orthodoxy was winning the day, but instead it is a pushback against the modern-day Democratic Party and President Barack Obama.

And that according to Limbaugh is a sign of the rise of nationalism and populism overtaking conservatism.

“What’s happening here, nationalism, dirty word, ooh, people hate it, populism, even dirtier word,” Limbaugh said. “Nationalism and populism have overtaken conservatism in terms of appeal.  And when this has happened, when it exposes — what people in Washington are afraid of —  and that that is, you know, all this money we’ve asked people to send us and all these donations people have made, this movement, promote that movement, where is conservatism in Washington, they’re asking.  Where is it?  The Republican Party isn’t conservative.  Where are all these conservative people that are contributing to policy being implemented in Congress or in the Senate?  They don’t see it.”


NOTE: A comment about Trump and Cruz that I came across some weeks ago, and worth reposting now:

Guys like Trump have dismissed so many things that many are numb to his detractions and focus on his entertainment. Guys like Cruz are like a clean white car with one bird poop on the hood….unfortunately, that’s all people will see.

Trump is like a car parked under a phone line lined with pigeons and when people start to focus on all the poop, he lifts the hood and starts to brag about how awesome it is….a great distractor.


It’s never “free trade” when it’s done with non-free actors.

It always comes at a price of their legitimization, continued misery for political dissidents, and corruption of our morals as a free people and the systems we allow to govern us. Thanks to my pal Diana for an excellent piece that really should give people pause to reflect on what it really means to be conservative and how far we have fallen from that philosophy.

NOTE: Finland’s pseudo conservatives, most noticeably Alexander Stubb, are as enthralled with the ”new world order” as are the RINO GOP’ers.

stubb boy

Diana West: What Is a Conservative? What Defines the GOP?

But here is Continetti’s central point:

Indeed, Republican nominees since Ronald Reagan have been internationalist in outlook. They have been pro-free trade and pro-immigration, have supported American leadership in global institutions, and have argued for market solutions and traditional values. A Republican Party under Donald Trump would broadly reject this attitude. It would emphasize protection in all its forms—immigration restriction, trade duties, a fortress America approach to international relations, and activist government to address health care and veterans’ care. Paeans to freedom and opportunity and equality and small government would give way to admonishments to strive, to fight, to win, to profit.

This set of Republican/conservative criteria — which CandidateTrump is said not to meet — are quite fascinating to me, particularly in light of research vectors that both led to, and continue on after American Betrayal. 

Let’s take a closer look at Continetti’s top four GOP markers: 1) internationalist in outlook; 2) pro-free trade; 3) pro-immigration; 4) support for American leadership in global institutions.

At one time, such positions defined the Left side of the American political spectrum, even the far Left — even the Communist Party USA!

This is in not an exageration. The program Continetti describes as quintessentially Republican happens to intersect or mesh perfectly with the global systems helmed into existence, literally, by American Communist agents of the Kremlin at the time of or after World War II — namely, to take the most prominent examples, Alger Hiss at the United Nations, and Harry Dexter White at the International Monetary Fund. What Continetti describes as “pro-immigration,” I take to mean as a position that is the opposite of immigration restriction as enacted by conservatives (in both parties) in the 1920s and 1950s, and perhaps even in line with the unceasing mass immigration mainly from the Third World that has been demographically and culturally and politically transforming the USA since the infamous, Ted-Kennedy-managed 1965 Immigration Act.

Then there’s free trade — surely, the ultimate in free market economics, and, thus, an essence of what we think of as “conservatism,” right? (TT: emboldened)

Think again. I have long believed that bottom-line free trade which, for example, turned Americans into enablers of slave or quasi-slave labor in such dictatorships as Communist China, and bankrupters of our own manufacturing base in the USA, was a disaster. Not until I recently picked up Toward Soviet America, the 1932 book by Communist Pary USA Chairman William Z. Foster, did I realize global free trade was also in sync with Communism’s assault on our nation’s character as well.

In his predictions for Soviet America, many of which have come true as Marxist ideology has subverted our institutions, Foster writes:

A Communist world will be a unified, organized world.

Remember Soviet agent Alger Hiss acted as the first UN secretary general in 1945.

The economic system will be one great organization, based upon the principle of planning now dawning in the U.S.S.R.

Remember that Soviet agent Harry Dexter White was the first executive director of the IMF in 1946.

The American Soviet government will be an important section in this world organization. In such a society there will be no tariffs or the many other barriers  erected by capitalism against a free world interchange of goods. The raw material supplies of the world will be at the disposition of the peoples of the world.

Of course! Free trade is just another weapon to break down the nation-state — the ultimate globalist/Communist/progressive/Marxist/Democrat — and, in our time, apparently, GOP — goal.

As Continetti writes, “A Republican Party under Donald Trump would broadly reject this attitude.”

Amen to that.

Diana West @ Breitbart


Special thanks to Mark Steyn for that label, “cartoon climatology” is a definite keeper.

Steve King Keeps Immigration, Climate Change Out of Trade Deals

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) 79% successfully pushed legislation through the House that prevents the Obama administration from negotiating immigration and climate change provisions with trade deals.

“It’s got many provisions within it which I’m happy about…the currency manipulation provision is one of them,” King said of the legislation.

The House adopted King’s amendment, which keeps the Obama administration from negotiating immigration and climate change provisions in trade agreements, on Friday in the Customs Conference Report.

“There were those that had significant heartburn over Trade Promotion Authority, I’m one of them. There were two provisions that I so badly wanted to be included within the TPA legislation because I have a bit of a history of working to keep the immigration components out of trade deals. Congress needs to be passing immigration law, not trade negotiators,” King charged. He went on to say:

Well, that language is an amendment that is in here in the Conference Report along with language that prohibits the negotiations under Trade Promotion Authority on climate change. So, we are protected from executive decisions imposed upon this Congress in a usurpation of Article One authority by two-pieces of language in here. No negotiation under TPA can include climate change…and no negotiations under TPA can include immigration. Congress can speak to that, but they cannot negotiate that under TPA.

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That career ladder climbing traitor to constitutional conservatism should have been removed ages ago.

Exclusive — Mark Levin: Boehner’s Retaliation Against Conservatives Means War, Time to Take Him Down


It’s time for conservatives to take out House Speaker John Boehner and all of his comrades in primaries, nationally syndicated radio host, New York Times bestselling author, and conservative movement thought leader Mark Levin argues in an exclusive comment to Breitbart News.

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I watched the tribute video, I somewhat found it disturbing to see no one else standing up and take note (besides Diana West, author of American Betrayal) of what was THE most pressing issue for this great man, who was still busy sounding the clarion on these issues (that West alone raised in her speech) right up till the time of his death.

The ignoring of M.Stanton Evans‘ factual and extensive documentation of the subversion of the US government during the Roosevelt years by Stalin’s agents of influence (as well as Diana West’s book American Betrayal that continues the theme) can only lead to future subversions, as in the Muslim Brotherhood’s pedlars of influence on both the Bush, (and especially so) and that of the Obama administration(s). Stunning.

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of M. Stanton Evans: Journalist, Author, and Educator

Full video tribute:

Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy

blacklisted by history

Stalin’s Secret Agents: Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government

stalin subverted the roosevelt government


Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher would be both nodding in approval.

UKIP chief Nigel Farage insists, as he visits America and warns that ‘if the Republican Party sticks with the establishment it will LOSE’

'WE'RE NOT THE TEA PARTY': Nigel Farage, whose UK Independence Party is challenging both Tories and Liberals, said his is a real political force, not just an influence group trying to reform a wayward party

  • Farage spoke with Daily Mail Online after a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference
  • The UK Independence Party leader tried to buck up American right-wingers who see their tea party goals dissolving in a sea of centrist Republicanism
  • He insisted that UKIP is ‘not just retired half-colonels who’ve always voted Conservative … We’re dragging them from across the spectrum’
  • Bashed David Cameron for refusing to publicly identify ISIS executioner ‘Jihadi John,’ saying ‘we should have heard it weeks ago’
  • Complained about ‘politically correct’ groups like CAGE ‘saying and shouting things that if you and I did them, we’d find ourselves behind bars’
  • Farage addressed controversies involving Richard Crouch and Rozanne Duncan, admitting: ‘Yes, we get people who say stupid things in UKIP’ 

Nigel Farage warned Thursday night in America that the U.S. Republican party will become a dinosaur – not an elephant – if it continues to embrace the political center.

‘I suspect that if the Republican Party sticks with the establishment it will lose,’ he told Daily Mail Online after a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The GOP ‘has got to reach the Hispanic community, but it’s also got to reach that blue-collar community that Reagan got to vote for him in huge numbers. I’m not sure at the moment that they’re positioning themselves to do that.’

CPAC is an annual three-day mecca for constitutional evangelists, anti-Obamacare shock troops, full-throated abortion opponents and gun rights activists. Many of them think the Republican Party is only slightly less liberal and nanny-statist than the president.

Farage fit right in, keeping backstage handlers waiting for his appointment to test a lapel microphone while he smoked a cigar in the cold, outside the Maryland resort hotel where more than a thousand stayed into the dinner hour to hear him.

‘I think the Republican Party is going through the same crisis of identity as the Conservative Party in Britain,’ he said in an interview backstage.

The British political contrarian, long at the helm of the UK Independence Party, plied the conservative audience with a dry-witted vision of how his political travails could show disaffected American right-wingers the way forward.

UKIP, he boasted, is ‘an insurgent political force that has taken on the political establishment and rocked them to the backs of their heels.’

But don’t confuse him with the tea party, he said after the applause ended.

‘We’re not the tea party,’ Farage insisted one-on-one. ‘Our job is not to influence one political party. We’re not an outlier from the Tories.’

And unlike the tea party phenomenon, which peels off disaffected Republicans who believe their traditional party has moved too far left, he said, his group ‘is not just retired half-colonels who’ve always voted Conservative and now they’re UKIP. We’re dragging them from across the spectrum.’

Farage’s rhetoric about immigration, Britain’s Judeo-Christian foundation, political correctness and regulation run amok made up a song he sang to a crowd that had already memorized the verses.

‘If you discuss immigration, it means you’re a bad person,’ he complained – ‘that you harbor dislike or hatred or prejudice of somebody else.’

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Portrait Of Ronald Reagan

Conservatism is the antithesis of the kind of ideological fanaticism that has brought so much horror and destruction to the world. The common sense and common decency of ordinary men and women, working out their own lives in their own way — this is the heart of American conservatism today. Conservative wisdom and principles are derived from willingness to learn, not just from what is going on now, but from what has happened before.

The principles of conservatism are sound because they are based on what men and women have discovered through experience in not just one generation or a dozen, but in all the combined experience of mankind. When we conservatives say that we know something about political affairs, and that we know can be stated as principles, we are saying that the principles we hold dear are those that have been found, through experience, to be ultimately beneficial for individuals, for families, for communities and for nations — found through the often bitter testing of pain, or sacrifice and sorrow.

The New Republican Party. h/t. Mark Levin



He’s an easy choice of candidate.

The path clearly set before us is to elect conservatives, help Mcdaniel get to the senate to back up Cruz, Lee, Paul and others like them.


ELLISVILLE, Mississippi — With only three days until the polls open for the GOP Senate primary here and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at his side, State Sen. Chris McDaniel vowed to fight President Barack Obama alongside Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rand Paul (R-KY) in front of a raucous audience of thousands.

Americans, McDaniel said, have fallen for a “great delusion”— that only government can solve all of the nation’s problems.

“It is not the place of government to solve your problems,” McDaniel said. “It is the place of strong, self-reliant, self-governing individuals to solve your own problems—your church from time to time and your community from time to time—but not that government a thousand miles away. And every time we surrender our liberty, that government grows and expands more. More of your money. More of your freedoms. And there’s a price we pay for that.”

Noting that he grew up “hanging out” in the auditorium holding the event, his father was a professor at Jones County Junior College, where the venue was, McDaniel recalled his introduction to politics.

“I became a Republican when I was 13 years old, not because I knew anything about policy or philosophy or law,” McDaniel. “But I knew there was this man—this actor from California. He would look directly at that TV and it felt like he was speaking to me. My father called me into the room and he said, ‘son, you’ve got to see this.’ We watched Ronald Reagan talk about things that intuitively made sense to me. He talked about liberty. He talked about limited government. He talked about constitutionalism. He talked about balanced budgets. He talked about traditional family values.”

Reagan, McDaniel added, painted politics in “bold colors, not pastels” and led “a party of principle, not surrender. Then it donned on me: I must be a Republican.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, your constitution is not subject to compromise. I’ve got 17.5 trillion reasons to never again compromise on the debt. We stand here fighting what I consider to be the worst president in our country’s history. In this environment, where our conservative values are being attacked, where our conservative beliefs are being attacked, where our Constitution is being attacked, silence is complicity,” McDaniel added.

McDaniel began a call-and-answer section of the speech that envigorated the crowd.

“Conservatives look at me for a moment, Republicans look at me for a moment: Name one fight that Sen. Thad Cochran has led against Barack Obama,” McDaniel said.

“Zero!” the crowd shouted, almost in unison. “None!” a woman near the front of the auditorium yelled.

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Truth teller.

“These people,” Levin said,”are not about empowering the American people, they’re about empowering themselves. They see a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate, not as an opportunity to serve the people but to serve themselves.”


After the Republican establishment gloated on Tuesday for surviving primary challenges against underfunded Tea Party challengers, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin ripped into the Republican leadership for preferring candidates they can coerce to support policies their conservative constituents oppose.

Levin said the question of whether the Tea Party is dead is a stupid one, and he asked why establishment Republicans were spending “millions of dollars laundered through Karl Rove’s group and Mitch McConnell’s National Republican Senatorial Committee” to fight and trash conservatives:

These “Republican leaders” only want to be in the majority if they can control the people we send to Congress. Mitch McConnell does not want any more Ted Cruzes or Mike Lees, or anybody else who’s going to give him trouble. He wants Republicans who are going to lie down and do what he tells them to do.

John Boehner and Eric Cantor? Exactly the same thing. These people are not about empowering the American people; they’re about empowering themselves. They see a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate, not as an opportunity to serve the people, but to serve themselves.

Levin also noted that establishment candidates often do not want their constituents to know of their more-liberal policy preferences; thus, they do not run television commercials informing their constituents of their enthusiastic support for amnesty legislation.

Have you seen their ads for amnesty?” Levin asked. 

He said the same goes for their desire to spend more taxpayer dollars to fund projects for their cronies. 

“Have you seen any ads for more borrowing?” he asked. 

Levin said when it’s time to govern, Republican establishment politicians “jettison” their positions and promises made on the campaign trail.

He also blasted those in the chattering class who were once liberals, hated and did not support Ronald Reagan, and who mock constitutional conservatives, just like the liberal hippies and poets they are, choosing to work with Republican establishment operatives to trash conservatives. 

Levin reminded his audience that in 2006, “George W. Bush and his right-hand political hack Karl Rove lost the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.”

He said nothing good was happening within the Republican party until 2010 when the people “rose up through the grassroots” after they had enough of George W. Bush’s policies and the direction Obama was taking the nation after the election. 

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By  on 5.2.14 | 11:55PM

Actor Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. passed away today of natural causes. He was 95.


Zimbalist was also one of Hollywood’s most prominent conservatives. He campaigned on behalf of Barry Goldwater during the 1964 presidential election. Zimbalist was also a friend of Ronald Reagan. After Reagan completed his second term as Governor of California, it was Zimbalist who persuaded him to try his hand at radio commentary. These commentaries helped keep Reagan in the public eye and, in the days before talk radio, provided the conservative movement with daily food for thought. In 1982, President Reagan appointed Zimbalist to the Board of Trustees for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Zimbalist was also a devout Christian and made many appearances reading Scripture on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

In 2003, Zimbalist released his autobiography My Dinner of Herbs and here is an excerpt of an interview he conducted promoting the book.

More here. H/T: Mark Levin




You can’t just complain about the news and direction of the country, you have to make the case to the American people that there is another way, constitutional republicanism, or as Mark Levin like to say, embracing the constitution in order to save the constitution.

There is an answer, there is a way forward out of the mess, and the answer is you, your family and neighbors, your colleagues at work and anyone else that you can influence.

When the political situation becomes that desperate, people will look for answers, and a few good people within the conservative movement have them, they have something to point to that the Left doesn’t, a return to constitutionalism.


by MATTHEW BOYLE 9 Nov 2013, 5:07 PM PDT 

In a speech Saturday evening to the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition at the group’s 13th annual fall banquet in Des Moines, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) argued that now is the time for the Tea Party movement to take its next steps, take control of American government, and frame America’s future with a focus on conservative and liberty-minded principles.

Lee compared the movement’s next stages to those of the American revolution, noting how the earliest stages of revolution began in Boston with the Boston Tea Party, where a band of protesters dumped British tea in the Boston Harbor as a sign of disapproval of the high taxes the British had levied on them. That eventually turned into the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia after Americans fought and won their independence from the British.

“In order to chart our course forward, join me on a journey back,” Lee said in the speech, according to an advance copy provided to Breitbart News. “Back to a time when the people of this continent were just as frustrated with their oppressive government as all of us here tonight are with the Federal government today.”

Lee noted that in 1773, “a group of Americans had had it with the King George establishment which was too big, too expensive and too intrusive in their lives.”

“What would become known as the Boston Tea Party became a clarion cry against the kind of government the colonists did not want,” Lee said. “It turned out to be a pretty important party and a very big deal. But had they stopped at just protesting against the kind of government they didn’t want the Boston Tea Party would not have been even a footnote in history. It would have been just one more vain protest against an oppressive federal establishment.”

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Karl Rove seen busily scribbling on his whiteboard.


This is the reason why the Republican RNC hasn’t supported Attorney General Ken Cuccinnelli with either words or funding, they want a certain Chris Christie win in New Jersey to be weighed against a Cuccinelli loss, to show that conservatives can no longer win in a ‘changed’ America.

Keep in mind that in spite of McAuliffe’s massive war chest, over 30 million dollars worth, outspending Cuccinelli in media spending 10 to 1, as well as the support from key democrat officials, including both Obama and Biden, Cuccinelli has brought himself within a few points from McAuliffe. It’s that tight of a race, and with no help from his own party who are shooting spitballs at him.

Levin asks in his broadcast last night, ”why is it that Democrats are pouring money, time and effort into the Virginia race, and not into the gubatorial race in New Jersey?” It’s because that, in spite of all of the bombast, they have nothing to fear from a governor Chris Christie, he has signed on to just about everything they want him to sign on to. Democrats love establishment republicans, and loathe the conservatives just as much as the RINO’s do.


by MARK LEVIN 4 Nov 2013, 8:46 AM PDT

Many in the GOP establishment, from major fundraisers and consultants, to GOP officeholders such as the GOP Lt. Gov and mayor of Virginia Beach, have either trashed Attorney General Ken Cuccinnelli or endorsed McAuliffe outright. The GOP national machine has done next to nothing for Cuccinnelli. And GOP bag man, Karl Rove, is all over Fox without a word of support for Cuccinnelli, while he schemes and whispers behind the scenes against conservatives nationwide.

Having tried to sabotage Cuccinnelli’s candidacy from the start, these GOP actors are hoping for a Cuccinnelli loss and a big Chris Christie win (built on a Huey Long style of politics) to make the case that only big government Republicans can win and limited government, constitutional conservatives, such as Tea Party activists, are too extreme to prevail. They’ve already written the script.

In fact, the GOP establishment’s attacks on the Tea Party, which is an obvious assault on conservatives and conservatism generally, are increasingly difficult to distinguish from Obama and the Left’s attacks on the same folks. The ruling class in Washington is clearly united in one respect: to wipe out conservative resistance to their corruption, cronyism, and nation-killing policies.

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A Tea Party conservative.

NEWSBUSTERS: In an interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday’s NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie proclaimed a “civil war” in the Republican Party and persistently urged him to blame it on the Tea Party. Instead, Cheney began the exchange by explaining: “I think the most radical operator in Washington today is the President. I think he’s trying to take the country in a direction that is fundamentally different than anything we’ve seen before.” [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Guthrie was undeterred and continued to stoke GOP division: “And you would think that might be a unifying moment for the party but instead you have Senator Lindsey Graham this weekend calling the shutdown ‘a political gift to Democrats’….Mitch McConnell said, ‘I think we fully acquainted our new members with what a losing strategy is.’ That suggests there is a real rift.”

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Norquist is a crony capitalist Islamofriendly Svengali.

Frank Gaffney over at the Center for Security Policy, who laid the groundwork for revealing what kind of dangerous clown Grover Norquist is within the Republican party, deserves a great multitude of thanks and praise. He has consistently shown that Norquist is quite the operative who is more concerned with Republicans winning seats, than for Americans winning back their country.

Since the time of Frank Gaffney’s Muslim Brotherhood in America series, conservative Republicans have been witness to how tightly alligned Norquist is to the Republican party establishment (the GOP old guard), since then, his shine has been seriously dulled and Breitbart has as firm grasp of him in its teeth as did Frank Gaffney (who still does).

Grover-Norquist-old guard operative


by TONY LEE 19 Oct 2013, 5:00 PM PDT

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist has emerged as the Republican establishment’s leading crusader and mouthpiece against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), repeatedly denigrating Cruz for fighting against Obamacare with a tactic that Norquist alleges hurt Republicans.

Obamacare is wreaking havoc on the healthcare choices Americans have in addition to forcing employers to reduce employees’ hours in an already down economy. This has put a spotlight on many of the law’s failures in a way those like Norquist were never able to do in a sustained manner.

Norquist has single-handedly tried to obliterate Cruz in nearly every outlet that has given him a microphone. He has said Cruz’s effort to defund Obamacare never had a chance to work without mentioning that Cruz had said Democrats in red states could be persuaded to support defunding Obamacare only if Republicans were united first, which was what Cruz sought to do from the outset.

Cruz likened Republicans who were opposed to the defunding efforts to the Air Force bombing their own troops, undermining the chances of success.

Before and especially after the government shutdown, Norquist attacked Cruz for throwing Republicans into traffic and wandering away. He has said Cruz has dragged Republicans across broken glass, dismissed Cruz’s “tactic,” condescendingly suggested Cruz was now wiser, said Cruz has “crashed and burned,” and even demanded that Cruz apologize not only to Republicans but to the constituents for whom Cruz was fighting and to whom he was listening.

Norquist’s fight against Cruz represents the broader struggle within the Republican party between an establishment desperately clinging to its past power and a growing grassroots-powered conservative movement that represents the future.

“Grover supplies grass-roots power, which is why lobbyists want him on their side,” Republican insider John Feehery said of him last decade. “He senses where he can get activists around the country riled. He’s a master organizer on specific issues.”

But in the age of new media, such establishment gatekeeping organizations are less relevant as information–even about inside Washington and its players–is democratized. Those like Cruz can galvanize the grassroots and put pressure on politicians in a way only those with the financial and institutional resources like Norquist had been able to do before.

More here.