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Daniel Greenfield: In Defense of Charlie Kirk…….


Thanks Daniel, you promised to take on this subject of the totalitarian “Alt-Right” and you delivered in spades…


The Groypers are a carbon copy of the Left. They’re a leftist’s idea of the Right. And, like the rest of the alt-right, the only thing they ever accomplish is undermining President Trump and conservatives.
Alt-righters often demand to know what conservatives have conserved. But what has the alt-right accomplished? They won a great “victory” by preventing Donald Trump Jr from speaking at UCLA.
At UCLA, the Nazis on the inside did what the Commies on the outside couldn’t. There’s a lesson there.

In Defense of Charlie Kirk

Alt-Right Never Trumpers target a heroic conservative leader. This is the moment to stand behind him.

Conservative students and speakers have had a tough time at UCLA. And when Donald Trump Jr. came out to speak about his new book, Triggered, at a Turning Point USA event, everyone knew there would be trouble. President Trump’s son had appeared at multiple campuses with TPUSA with no problems.


But UCLA had a bad reputation to live up to. And it lived up to it.


Except instead of the expected alt-left Never Trumpers, alt-right Never Trumpers shut down the event.


While alt-lefties waved orange signs reading “Trump/Pence Out”, their Trump-hating counterparts had infiltrated the Triggered event. And what the Commies outside couldn’t do, the Nazis on the inside did.


Loud boos met the president’s son. As Donald Trump Jr. tried to speak, a small group of haters repeatedly interrupted his remarks. Planting hecklers at conservative events who use rolling disruptions to shut down a speaker was a familiar lefty tactic. But it was coming from an unexpected direction.


“You have people spreading nonsense, you have people spreading hate to try to take over that room,” a frustrated Donald Trump Jr. said.


The hate was being spread by the ‘Groypers’, one of a number of feuding alt-right splinter groups, who had realized that they could make headlines and gain influence by disrupting conservative student events. And when the Triggered event was shut down early, the Groypers celebrated their big win.


“Trump Jr. became increasingly agitated as well. He must have expected something, but not the thundering of a groyper legion. Despite the title of his book, Triggered, he was hardly unflappable. In fact, he was as triggered as any purple-haired, misgendered thot,” one of the Groyper hecklers wrote

“What a HUGE victory today,” Nick Fuentes, the Groyper leader, later claimed. “Cannot be understated what an incredible win we saw at UCLA.”


The “huge victory” was shutting down the biggest conservative campus event at UCLA.


The Groyper trolls sometimes claim that they’re America First activists who support President Trump. And how better to support Trump than a “victory” shutting down Donald Trump Jr.


It wasn’t the first Groyper attack on conservative events on campus.

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