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Published on Jun 21, 2013

Deneen Borelli, David Webb, Star Parker, Sonnie Johnson, Wayne Dupree and a tremendous line-up of African-American conservatives tackle the controversial issues surrounding race in American Society today in this extremely compelling 2nd Townhall special hosted by FNC’s Sean Hannity.

Hannity Special on Black Conservatives: Familiar Faces, Passionate Points

Last week I had the privilege to appear on Fox News’ Hannity along with a group of other black conservatives from across the country.

We were there to talk about our lives as black conservatives, our opinions on how we reach our communities more effectively and how we feel about the GOP as minority conservatives.

The conversation got off to a lively with a back-and-forth about whether we prefer the term African-American or Black. Angela McGlowan reminded the group that spending the first 10 minutes talking about a term of reference was counter productive. The conversation moved forward to subjects like education, disproportionate voting, and the dismal condition of black communities across the country.

More here.

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