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The next president of the US?

He stands head and shoulders above most of his peers who’ve been there for years. One could only hope, or at least another politician of the very same caliber of honesty, integrity and conservative credentials, able to speak to the average American tired of Obama-socialism.

Why Ted Cruz is not a typical freshman senator

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin tells TheDC she is a fan, praising Cruz for playing an active role as a freshman senator and not bowing to the tradition of being a quiet first-term legislator.

“As the world is seemingly spinning faster and faster, and the political decisions coming out of Washington affect the entire globe, the LAST thing we need today is an intelligent, experienced, patriotic commonsense conservative ‘be seen and not heard,’” Palin said.

“America needs leaders like Senator Cruz to be bold and effective, as there’s no time to lose in getting our nation on the right track to ensure our solvency and safety,” she said. “More power to Ted Cruz and others who are serving the people for the right reasons.”

Read more: via Mark Levin.

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