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Mark Levin fires back with some constructive criticism for the president: “Sanders is dead wrong, he’s a communist…….”


Bernie Sanders is not right on anything he says politically, he’s an old kook marxist communist.

Trump has got to get this nationalist populist BS out of his system before he destroys the amazingly good (conservative) things he’s already done. We all give advice, cajole and poke our representatives to our positions, this president is no different. The Bernie Sanders recipe for the economy is bad news / a nightmare for everyone. Ronald Reagan would never have spoken such nonsense, let alone addressing a conservative audience at a conservative venue. Enough already.

NOTE: Mr. President I have your back, just repeat your conservative measures that you’ve done so far, with the economy. The stifling regulations, taxes and EPA are the biggest drag on the US economy, not Mexico or any other country, the federal government is.


By: Phil Shiver | February 24, 2017

During his much-anticipated Friday morning speech at CPAC, President Donald Trump found common ground with “democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders.


“Ya know, Bernie is right on one issue — trade,” Trump said to a crowd of excited conservatives. While there wasn’t a grumble in the room, at least not a noticeable one … there should have been.


On his radio program Friday, Mark Levin took time to explain the lunacy of Trump’s statement and why conservatives need to differentiate themselves from this phony, so-called “nationalist-populist” movement.


Conservatives need to stand for Trump on areas where he is right and doing good for the country. But, when he is dead wrong — as he is on trade — conservatives need to call him out!


And when it comes to that, Mark Levin is on it.



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