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Bring on the primaries!

You tell me, does the current crop of GOP squish leaders sound like Reagan, or capitulating squishes? Who would you rather see leading the GOP right now, Reaganite republicans, or the continued likes of Mr. White board non-strategist Karl Rove, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Johhny Boehner, and their pundits, former Walter Mondale speech writer, Charles Krauthammer etc etc  ad nauseum?

NOTE: These country club republicans haven’t any true conservative principles, you can see it by how they dance on all sides of the issues. Not Reagan.


mark levin mitch mcconnell should be defeated 12.10.2013

“Where is he today?” Levin said of McConnell.

Levin also discussed plans by Republican establishment figures to take down the Tea Party with so-called “pro-business” candidates who love crony capitalism. The Republican establishment indicated they will target conservatives like Reps. Steve King (R-IA) or Justin Amash (R-MI) with candidates from the center.

Levin called those like John Sununu, the moderate New Hampshire Republican and former Chief of Staff to George H.W. Bush, and former Mississippi Governor and lobbyist Haley Barbour, two of the politicians behind such efforts, “losers.” He then blasted those like Sen John McCain (R-AZ), who Levin said “moves right” to get reelected and then “moves back” to the left once back in office. He also called out Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) for being the latest establishment front man and said these politicians “are not going to take down Obamacare.”

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  1. McConnell is not a conservative. He is a political animal out for all the power he can get. His kind tried a power grab with FreedomWorks. When Glenn Beck threatened to expose them, they backed down and brought the fired employees back. There are two groups fighting for the Republican Party. The power hungry and the conservatives.

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