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Finland: Over 100 China CCP Coronavirus Cases Discovered at Still Functioning Asylum Center…….


But not to worry, they’ve been told to stay indoors…

Coronavirus latest: 220 deaths, 95 cases at Espoo reception centre, more young people furloughed

This article brings you the latest updates on the novel coronavirus outbreak in Finland.


  • 5,176 lab-confirmed infections as of Saturday (2.5)
  • 220 deaths due to Covid-19 complications as of Saturday (2.5)
  • Median age of those who have died is 84, 53% have been men
  • More than 90% of deceased had at least one chronic illness
  • At least 3,000 people have recovered from Covid-19
  • 182 people in hospital, 52 of them in intensive care (Sat. 2.5)
  • 200 confirmed cases in children, but none have been hospitalised
  • Some schools to re-open on 14 May

2.5 19:23 Nearly 100 cases at Espoo reception centre

A reception centre housing more than 400 asylum seekers near Helsinki has been placed under quarantine. Ninety-five residents have tested positive for Covid-19. Most of them have had mild or no symptoms. Read more here.


2.5 17:35 Government considers partially lifting library restrictions

News service STT reported on Saturday that a partial lifting of restrictions on libraries will be announced after a government meeting on Sunday. The new measures will allow libraries to begin loaning out books again, but restrictions on events at libraries will remain in place.


2.5 15:57 Ukraine lifts ban on seasonal workers coming to Finland

The Ukrainian government has reversed an earlier ruling and will now allow its citizens to travel abroad for seasonal work, subject to certain conditions being met. Finland is allowing the foreign seasonal workers to enter the country despite coronavirus travel restrictions because the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry deems them to be essential workers.


There is more on this story here.


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