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J.E Dyer: January 2017: Flynn had to be removed quickly so agencies could keep spying on new Trump administration……


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January 2017: Flynn had to be removed quickly so agencies could keep spying on new Trump administration

Key data points typically make a lot of things fall into place.  It only took two releases from the trove of Justice Department documents on the Michael Flynn case to have that effect this week, and the effect continues to evolve.  A picture is resolving itself of how “Spygate” transitioned from one phase to the next between the 2016 election and Donald Trump’s inauguration day.  And it looks as bad as it seemed it would, from the early clues.


We don’t need to go into a lot of detail in a new article on this.  Most of the work has already been done, months or even years ago.  I will link to a few previous articles for those who are interested in understanding the matter in greater depth.


For a shorter read, I append here a small tweet series I sent on Friday.


They had to intercept @GenFlynn quickly, b/c *the NSC was ground central for the anti-Trump op.*
That’s what I’m not sure everyone gets yet. It had to be executed at a level above auditability. Neither CIA nor DOJ qualifies… @SidneyPowell1 1/3 //t.co/Esx4WwWCi7
— J.E. Dyer (@OptimisticCon) May 1, 2020


Mueller SCO was same effort.
Flynn wd have detected whole ball of wax; he had to go.
In retrospect, planning decision on that made right around 25 Dec 2016-4 Jan 2017. Hence keeping Flynn case open & moving to (1) ICA/dossier maneuvers (2) “leak” to Ignatius & follow-ons. 3/3
— J.E. Dyer (@OptimisticCon) May 1, 2020


As laid out in this article from Thursday, the date on which Peter Strzok intercepted the close-out of the FBI’s Flynn investigation – 4 January 2017 – tells us a great deal.  It tells us the decision to do that was part of the same operational move as the decision to move on the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) and the Steele dossier: to brief them to Obama (on 5 January) and sell them to the public as a narrative about Trump.


Those things all went together, as the maneuvers of a transitioning campaign to bring down Trump.  They went with the “leak” to Washington Post writer David Ignatius the following week, which was published at the same time the Steele dossier was posted online by BuzzFeed, and which showcased the classified intelligence on Michael Flynn’s phone calls with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.  That was the same intelligence the FBI had before 4 January, when its agents were ready to close the investigation of Flynn because it revealed no wrongdoing.


More here.

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