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US: Dem. pols decry swastikas at ‘Operation Gridlock’ protest; just THREE problems…….


The media loves this kind of crap, they spread it then play dumb…


Dem. pols decry swastikas at ‘Operation Gridlock’ protest; just THREE problems


To generate two of the problems, the Bernie supporter who actually displayed a swastika banner didn’t have to be present at the Operation Gridlock protest in Lansing, Michigan on April 15, 2020.  And he wasn’t, as far as we know.  But it was possible for social media to make it look as if he was.


There, in a nutshell, are the first two problems.  The explanation follows.


“Operation Gridlock” is the organizing name for demonstrations being mounted across the country to protest the economic shutdowns intended to deter the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.  The first protest occurred in Lansing on April 15 and succeeded in bringing a mass of vehicular traffic clogging the roads around the state capitol building, and a large demonstration on foot on the capitol grounds.


But the swastika banner depicted as being in Lansing wasn’t there that day.  Snopes caught onto that, and points out that the image was originally posted from a Bernie Sanders rally in Boise, Idaho, six weeks earlier.


The Twitter user who first posted it described it as being held up by a Trump supporter who was there for a counter-rally against the Bernie rally.



But even that wasn’t the accurate story.  Andy Ngo posted a video on Saturday showing clips from the Boise, Idaho rally, which occurred on February 29.  At the rally, a Bernie supporter crossed from the Bernie rally over to the counter-rally for Trump and Pence, and he was the individual who held up the swastika in the now-viral image.



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