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Austria: Islamic Beachheads to Remain Closed For Ramadan…….


We shall see…


Austrian Mosques to Remain Closed Despite Start of Ramadan

Mosques across Austria will remain closed until April 30th, despite the Islamic holy month of Ramadan starting a week before the lockdown is due to be lifted.


The Austrian Islamic Community (IGGÖ) said it would continue to respect the government’s lockdown measures, with the association’s president Ümit Vural urging Austria’s Muslims to celebrate the start of Ramadan at home by turning their homes into mosques.


“Islam has lived in the community. In the current situation, however, it is important to illuminate our houses with prayers and recitations and to turn them into mosques,” Vural said this week, tabloid Kronen Zeitung reports.


As Muslims have been absent from local mosques, so too have their donations. The IGGÖ acknowledged the financial losses of mosques in Austria and called for a donation campaign to aid those which have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.


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