Like father like son.

With Russia’s weapons flow to the Syrian regime continuing unabated, expect this to be a common sight for the near future.

Syria activists: Regime killed scores in village

Associated Press
Anti-regime activists in Syria said Friday that government gunners rained shells on a poor, farming village before armed thugs moved in, leaving scores of people dead in what rebel backers claim is one of the worse single days of bloodshed in the uprising against Bashar Assad’s regime.

The accounts _ some of which claim more than 200 people were killed in the violence Thursday _ could not be independently confirmed, but would mark the latest in a string of brutal offensives by Syrian forces attempting to crush the rebellion.

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  1. Any comment by Syrian activists should be taken with a ladle of salt. “Activists” imply that they are Human rights groups or some such. In reality, they are Islamist sharia supporting Muslims. If they ever get into power, the lights will go out for the the few, if not the one ME nation where all religions can publicly practice their faith without fear. Women too have freedoms that are on par with the West. All that is at stake, if the USA and its main ally Saudi Arabia, yet again impose their will.

  2. If Pres Assad and his government falls, then the last refuge of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians liberated in Iraq by the USA and the West, will vanish.

    Where will they go? Who cares.

    Yet, there is a silver lining in the ethnic cleansing of Christians that is going on in Muslim countries, aided and abetted by the USA. It is inhumane and insensitive to say so, but what else is there to say.

  3. But… but, all this violence in Syria doesn’t make any sense. We all know that the U.S. and Israel are the only ones responsible for killing Muslims in the Middle East, aren’t they?

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