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Danger overted!

She rejected the notion of conversion to Islam.

I reported on this woman in March of last year, at the time she was mulling over the positive attributes of the burka. I said at the time that it was a slow train wreck in progress, now that she’s dumped him, it’s safe to assume that warning bells went off and she won’t be making that kind of mistake again.

H/T: Kumitonttu

 Seiska: Miss-Anni leaves her Arab lover

Mohamed is a Muslim, so in getting married, Anni would have had to become a Muslim. The idea began to irritate her.

– I began to become totally scared, because my family is however in Finland, and the cultural differences are so great.

Four years of dating, and Mohamed and Anni had time to live under the same roof in Abu Dhabi. Anni has now moved back to Finland, and currently lives with his brother in Nurmijärvi. The plan is to find her own apartment in Helsinki.

More in Finnish here.

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  1. I would be surprised if this were the end of the story; mozlems never like anyone, especially a women or non-muzz, to have the last word! She needs to be very careful!!

    1. Cassandra……..your’re right! Excellent point. I hope she does stay clear away and keeps a sharp lookout.

  2. Thank God! Her parents must be so relieved. It was a good thing for her to live with him in Abu Dhabi. That way she could learn how life truly is under the complete loss of freedom and lack of equality under islam. I have the same worry as cassandra. .

  3. I’ve been with my Bengali-Arab boyfriend for about 1 and a half years. His parents are Muslim but he isn’t whatsoever. Anyway, it’s a shame that such cultural differences such as can break a couple up. If you truly love the person, to me, religion wouldn’t matter. I know it’s a difficult thing, but that’s how I feel.

    P.S. my boyfriend’s mother is Muslim and she likes me. Of course at first she was angry because I am white, but my Sicilian father felt the same way about him. It’s not just a Muslim thing, Cassandra.

    1. it’s not a Muslim thing now, but just wait for when things develop. . especially when children are involved.

    2. also, you say his parents are Muslims but he is not, well he is by Islamic law and so will his children if he ever has any. Something to think about.

  4. In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  5. Explanation of the terms in the article:
    Local man: Emrati
    Business man: (my ass) the Government gives huge amount of money every month to all the local Emrati who follow the rules of the government.
    Rules: Every Emrati his first wife must be a Emrati woman- who will be his only legal wife, ie who will be beneficiary of all his wealth, he can marry other foreign women- as many as he want but they wont have any legal rights.
    Handsome man:(my ass again), spend his money on steroids, sophisticated gym equipments, high class clothing and cosmetics.
    Got her a Jaguar car: Oil money from the government.
    Best son in law: ofcourse why not sell her daughter for even a better price.

  6. Danger overted my ass, he want some white meat to enjoy till he can marry a arab woman, look at his FB now, he is having a Estonian meat

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