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  1. Well, to acknowledge gays is to acknowledge what happened to them by their own relatives and what they are cruising for…their vehement hatred is a signal– pretty obvious. They hate females.

  2. In fact, statistically speaking, 2,815 Belgian youngsters is quite a small sample of the population, considering the fact that it is divided into subcategories of 16, 18 and 21-year olds, which suggests to me that the results are seriously diluted. So you have to wonder how proportionally representative of reality this sample actually is.

    Simply put, I rather believe that a larger statistical sample taken out of the total population of these combined categories would’ve shown a much more worrying result, even. So these results may be considered as significantly toned down, if you like.

    In any case, I could’ve sucked the final conclusion (that gay hate among Muslim youngsters remains high and is even on the increase) out of my little pinkie.

    You have to wonder where these sociologists reside most of the time. On another planet ?

  3. The far left pretends to be the friend of gays and women but will happily throw both under the bus for islam.

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