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Daniel Greenfield: Trump vs. the $1.6 Billion Man, Dems have outspent 2016 total presidential candidate donor spending…….


Lots of Big Tech and Wall Street money sloshing around the Dem camp…


Trump vs. the $1.6 Billion Man

Dems have already outspent the 2016 total presidential candidate donor spending.


The 2020 presidential election comes down to places like Pittsburgh. While Hillary Clinton held the city, President Trump won the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. This time around, both Trump and Biden are holding rallies in Pittsburgh, an actual rally for Trump, and a drive-in for Biden.


President Trump is betting that enthusiasm matters more than money because Democrats are spending more than twice the annual budget of Pittsburgh to buy the White House.


Biden, by the numbers, is expected to break the $1 billion fundraising record. Almost $400 million is coming through in outside spending for Biden and over $300 million against Trump.


44% of federal donations have gone to Biden so that a mediocre campaign for a mediocre candidate has swallowed a number approaching half the spending for the election cycle.


Biden’s current total of $1.6 billion will almost certainly fall short of the staggering final number.


To put that number into perspective, Obama and McCain, together, spent $1 billion and that was considered a shocking number only twelve years ago. Every election since then has not only been more expensive, but has broken records in election spending. And it seemed to work.


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