anti-Semitic attack Islam in Austria

Austria: Jihad Attack on Synagogue Murders Three in Horrific Shooting…….


The Jihad Never Rests, Nor Should We…


Terror attack near Vienna’s synagogue, four victims dead


Reports indicate that some “heavily armed and dangerous” attackers could still be on the loose.

Two men and a woman died in the attack on central Vienna on Monday night that the Austrian interior minister blamed on an Islamic State sympathizer, the only known attacker who was shot dead by police, Vienna’s police chief told a news conference on Tuesday.

A further victim of Monday’s attacks in Vienna died on Tuesday following the police announcement, according to news agency APA, which would bring the death toll to four civilians and one attacker.

Newspaper Kurier also reported a fourth person killed in addition to the attacker who was shot dead, citing Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig.

About 50 shots were fired throughout the skirmish, according to witnesses.

The shooting happened on Schwedenplatz, a square located opposite the Carmelite Quarter, where several synagogues are located, but the attack did not involve the Jewish institutions, the president of the city’s communal organization said.

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