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Pat Condell on Twitter: The #Democrats and media hate #Trump because they fear him…….


He’s right…


The #Democrats and media hate #Trump because they fear him. Unlike them, Trump is authentic. He can’t be bought, can’t be controlled, and is able to bypass the toxic media and communicate very effectively with the people. He is the political establishment’s worst nightmare. 1/14
From the day #Trump was elected, the #Democrats and the bad faith media have been determined not to let him do his job. They’re desperate for him to fail, and for America to fail, to teach the deplorables who voted for Trump a lesson they will never forget. 2/14
I suspect many of those people have already learned a lesson they’ll never forget. For the last four years they’ve watched the toxic media try every dirty trick to help the #Democrats fraudulently delegitimise #Trump’s presidency and shove their vote back in their faces. 3/14
They’ve seen months of rioting and wanton destruction this year in Democrat-run cities, enabled and cheered on by #Democrat mayors who prevented the police from doing their job, with no consideration whatsoever for the people they were elected to serve. 4/14
They’ve seen #Democrat politicians take the side of the lawless minority against the peaceful majority, and they’re realising that they don’t want their children and grandchildren to grow up in a country where people like this have any influence at all. 5/14
They hear #Trump talking about fake news, and they see the toxic media prove him right every time. The media’s refusal to cover the #Biden corruption scandal is so bizarre it has become a scandal in its own right. Their open corruption is laid bare for all to see. 6/14
#Trump didn’t have to get involved in politics and put himself through the bad faith meat grinder that used to be known as journalism, but he saw the dangerous globalist direction his country was going in and he wanted to change it. 7/14
He knew that nobody in Congress would change it. They’re happy to preside over America’s decline. It pays them very well. With no term limits, once they’re in, many of them are in for life, and they know it. 8/14
They’re happy to take donations from corporations who want to send American jobs abroad, and who rely on Congress to help them do it. But #Trump is not one of them. He saw that rotten rats’ nest for what it really is. And now the American people can see it too. 9/14
If ever a president deserved a second term it’s Donald #Trump. He has been enormously successful, despite the relentless abuse, sabotage, and slander. If not for the Chinese plague, the US economy would be booming, as it was before the virus was released. 10/14
Putting America first is a popular idea because it’s a sound idea. People are in jobs because of #Trump, and they know it. Also, unlike some we could mention, Trump hasn’t started any wars. His foreign policy is the most constructive and successful of any recent president. 11/14
The #Democrats, meanwhile, have abandoned the blue collar working class to embrace the violent hysteria of the radical left, the Alinsky crowd, the #BLMAntifa mobs, the rioters and looters. The people who want America’s destruction will all be voting for #Biden/Harris. 12/14
If the #Democrats win, they’ll open the borders and try to import enough illegal voters to keep them in power forever. They won’t be happy until America is full of sanctuary cities, with needles and human faeces littering the streets, as they do in Pelosi’s San Francisco. 13/14
The last four years have shown me that there are no moral depths to which the #Democrats and media won’t sink, and that #Trump is a great president and a great man who truly loves his country. We will not see his like again. I hope Americans are wise enough to re-elect him. 14/14

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