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Finland: Tweet by Finns Party MP Rejecting Sharia-Supremacist Daycare Garb, Called “Racist” by State Broadcaster YLE…….


He said his only mistake was not blurring out the faces of children, he stands by his tweet.



It’s not suitable attire here in the West, never has been.


MP’s racist tweet

Finns Party MP deletes offensive tweet


Finns Party MP Veikko Vallin caused a social media stir over the weekend after tweeting a picture of daycare children minded by a hijab-wearing staff member.


Tabloid Iltalehti reported that he called the teacher’s clothing “inappropriate” for the profession. The MP told IL that he posted the picture because the outfit worn by the teacher was “radical-looking”. He refused to reveal whether he took the photo himself.


After facing a social media backlash, Vallin took down the tweet saying his only mistake was forgetting to blur the faces of the people identified in the image. He said he still stands by his critical view of the clothing.



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