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Daniel Greenfield: A Fake DNC Convention Ends With Real Nastiness…….


The Dems are the most, shallow, nasty political party the US has ever had…

A Fake DNC Convention Ends With Real Nastiness

The democracy is fake, but the hate is real.

On the last night of the imaginary DNC convention taking place inside an editing room, the Democrats decided that the best way to win over independent voters was to bring in the least talented member of the Seinfeld cast to make jokes about Mike Pence’s name.


Why? It distracts from Joe Biden doesn’t it.


The joke here is positively Seinfeldian. Julia Louis Dreyfuss plays shallow, self-involved, and petty characters because she’s shallow, petty, and self-involved. The Democrats attack Trump as an unserious reality show host who confuses social media with leadership, and then debut a failed convention dominated by celebrities and badly written jokes aimed at social media.


“I’m proud to be a nasty, nasty woman,” Julia Louis Dreyfuss gloated.


It’s not just her own aspiration, but that of the party that invited her. The Democrats want to play at being serious, principled folks bringing the country together, but they’re proud to be nasty.

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