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Denmark: Malmö residents worried about Koran burning…….


Because Muslims reject Western norms and values…


The article fails to recognize the role sharia-supremacist Muslims play in creating violence, intolerance in defending their intolerant book(s) and founder.


Residents worried about Koran burning

The police’s plans to allow a demonstration against Islam on Fridhemstorget in Malmö upset several of the residents in the district.


– We see it as a clear security risk. It is outrageous if it is implemented, say Maria Lövkvist and Karin Westlund, residents in the area.

Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the far-right party Stram Kurs in Denmark and who almost entered the Folketing last summer, is known for hateful campaigns against Muslims.


In both Denmark and Norway, he has burned the Koran wrapped in bacon as a provocative act.


Now Paludan, through the street artist Dan Park, has applied for a demonstration permit in Malmö to demonstrate against Islam.


Ideally, Paludan wanted to carry out his act at the large mosque at Rosengård. The action is scheduled for August 28, the day of Aashura, a major religious holiday for Muslims.



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