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Daniel Greenfield: Why the Coronavirus Poses a Unique Threat to Islamic Terrorists……


Here’s to hoping it hurts them far more than it hurts us…

Why the Coronavirus Poses a Unique Threat to Islamic Terrorists

The pandemic could turn terror networks into ‘super-spreaders.’

The shadowy alliance between Iran and the Taliban has killed countless American soldiers over the years. But Iran exported more than just IEDs and training to Afghanistan. The social problems of the Islamic dictatorship traveled along the same highways as the IEDs. But they didn’t kill Americans.


Iran has a huge meth problem. Now, so does Afghanistan.


Under President Trump, the United States has begun bombing Taliban meth labs as the junior Islamic terror regime in Afghanistan began imitating the meth export business of its big brother in Iran. But when Islamic republics get into the drug business, it’s their own people who get addicted to the stuff.


Iran’s coronavirus outbreak, like its meth crisis, has also been exported to its good friends, the Taliban.


The virus crosses Shiite-Sunni barriers as seamlessly as it does international time zones. And the estimated 500,000 infected in Iran are translating into rising infections in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan wasn’t the only country to be infected by Iran. Americans were also infected by Iran.


The first confirmed case in New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, was a traveler who came from Iran. But Iran’s shared border with Afghanistan and the millions of Afghans living in Iran, as workers, religious students, and terrorists, makes the spread impossible to stop.


Iran has a huge Afghan population. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, 200,000 Afghans fled the disease-ridden terror state for their home terror state and brought the disease along with them.


And the Taliban are getting nervous.

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