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Finnish Media Agitprop: Trump Bad For Cutting WHO Funding, Cuba Good For Medical “White Jacket Diplomacy”…….


Birdcage bottom journalism…


“White Jacket Diplomacy”  Marxist claptrap by Hannu Pesonen:


Cuba is not a democracy by western standards, but neither is the military dictatorships that undermined the stability and living conditions of Latin American countries of the continent until the 1990s.
The Communists’ sole authority has silenced dissidents in prison and in exile but did not systematically kill them.
Cubans have free access to the best education and health care on the continent.


First of all, Cuba is not a democracy under any standard. Also, contrary to Pesonen’s Marxist laced propaganda -that the Suomen Kuvalehti embarrassingly ran- Cuban ”health care for all’ is a myth. As for the baldfaced lie of the Castro regime never systematically murdering people, there’s this:


With the boat coming apart and the water rushing in around them, some got death grips on their children, and managed to scramble or swim out. But not all. The roar from the water cannons and the din from the boat engines muffled most of the screams, but all around people were screaming, coughing, gagging and sinking.
Fortunately, a Greek freighter bound for Havana had happened upon the scene of slaughter and sped to the rescue. Only then did one of the Castro boats throw out some life preservers on ropes, and start hauling people in, pretending they’d been doing it all along.
Maria Garcia lost her son, Juanito, her husband, brother, sister, two uncles, and three cousins in the maritime massacre. In all, 43 people drowned, 11 of them children. Carlos Anaya was 3 when he drowned, Yisel Alvarez was 4. Helen Martinez was 6 months old.

This piece as well:


The late and widely respected University of Hawaii historian R. J. Rummel, who made a career out of studying what he termed “democide,” the killing of people by their own government, reported in 1987 that credible estimates of the Castro regime’s death toll ran from 35,000 to 141,000, with a median of 73,000.


Contrary to Pesonen’s (at best, uninformed) claptrap, here’s a website devoted to the people systematically murdered by the Cuban regime. The list of horror stories details what the regime was engaged in as it systematically crushed human hope and desire to live as free individuals. What a disgrace that Finland’s Suomen Kuvalehti ran such garbage.


As Trump cuts from WHO, Cuba sends Korona aid to more than 15 countries – “White jacket diplomacy” infuriates the United States

Cuba has been sending its doctors to work abroad for decades. The project will generate positive publicity for the state as well as billion in revenue.
AMERICA 4/16/2020 2:26 PM

The positive publicity received by CUBA is poison to the United States led by President Donald Trump.


While Cuba’s actions will not resolve the global interest rate crisis, they highlight the blatant contradiction between the actions of the poor Caribbean island nation and the United States, the world’s largest economic power.


Cuba, classified as a developing country, provides much-needed humanitarian aid even to prosperous industrialized countries.


At the same time, President Trump’s administration has suspended funding to the World Health Organization, which is coordinating the global response to the coronary crisis, and  has sought to prevent the International Monetary Fund from granting an emergency loan to Iran, which is severely affected by the coronary virus.


The United States has even hijacked the respirators ordered by Germany in Thailand for its own use in a way that led the German authorities to accuse Trump of modern-day piracy.


What makes the situation particularly painful for the United States is that Cuba has been one of the country’s main ideological enemies for decades.


For nearly 60 years, ten U.S. presidents tried to overthrow Fidel Castro’s communist regime with both assassination projects and economic sanctions. Only in 2016 did Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama,  launch actions to normalize relations between Cuba and the United States.


Since rising to power, Trump has done everything he can to restore relations to the ice age. He has re-enforced US economic sanctions and travel restrictions on Cuba.


SK (Finnish agitprop rag)

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