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Hungary to UN: If You Can’t Help Us Fight Pandemic, Get Out of the Way…….


A note to the ankle-biters railing against Viktor Orban, Abraham Lincoln was routinely slammed as a “tyrant” for the emergency measures he used during the American Civil War…


Kovács concluded his rebuttal with a combative message for both the United Nations and the Council of Europe, namely: “If you are unable to help us in the current crisis, please at least refrain from obstructing our defence efforts.”


Hungary to UN: If You Can’t Help Us Fight Pandemic, Get Out of the Way

The Hungarian government has hit back at the United Nations and other globalist organisations over criticism of its anti-coronavirus policies.


“The Hungarian government’s primary concern during the coronavirus pandemic is the protection of human lives,” insisted Dr Zoltán Kovács, Hungary’s Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations, in an official blog post.


“Those voicing unfounded claims about our management of this crisis threatening democracy and the rule of law in Hungary are fighting an imaginary enemy,” he said.


In common with many countries, the Hungarian government has introduced measures which would be considered draconian in peacetime to combat the pandemic, declaring a state of emergency, suspending parliament — like Candada — and banning the publication of false information “capable of hindering or thwarting the effectiveness of the containment effort.”



While globalist-led countries such as France, which requires citizens to fill in a government form every time they leave the house, have largely escaped criticism, given the extraordianry circumstances of the pandemic, Hungary’s pro-border, anti-multiculturalism government has been accused of sliding into dictatorship.


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