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Finland: Nearly 1400 CCP Coronavirus Cases With 15 dead, School Closures Extended……..


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Coronavirus latest: Nearly 1,400 cases in Finland, school closures extended, Helsinki Mayor addresses city in English

This article includes the latest updates on the novel coronavirus outbreak in Finland.


  • 1,384 infections were confirmed on Tuesday (31.3)
  • The THL reported 17 fatalities, 56 patients in intensive care and 137 in hospital on Tuesday afternoon (31.3)
  • Finland extends emergency measures by one month to mid-May
  • A survey suggests two-thirds of Finnish firms are planning to cut jobs or furlough staff
  • Gov’t pledges €2k to solo entrepreneurs
  • Helsinki mayor addresses city in English about coronavirus crisis
  • Coast Guard said to be patrolling maritime border in Uusimaa

31.3 18:38 Coronavirus threatens to sideline patients with other chronic illnesses

Health officials in Central Uusimaa are trying to ensure that non-coronavirus cases can still receive care.


The novel coronavirus outbreak has absorbed a great deal of the attention and resources of the Finnish healthcare system, leaving many other patients in need of treatment in the primary healthcare system high and dry.


If the situation continues for much longer Finland could be facing another crisis caused by the lack of access to care for patients with other long-term or chronic diseases. At worst, these patients face the risk of death or developing additional illnesses. Read the whole story here.


31.3 18:27 Mayor of Helsinki presents city’s coronavirus resources – in English

Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori addressed city residents in English early Tuesday evening, offering practical advice about dealing with the coronavirus outbreak to those who may not speak the local languages.


Vapaavuori’s speech included how the city was working to help residents deal with the ongoing crisis.


He advised residents on how to seek medical and psychological care, the ways the city was trying to reach out to more than 80,000 residents over the age of 70 – some of whom who may be isolated, how Helsinki has decided to cancel the rental fees of most commercial renters in the city until the end of June, guidelines regarding school closures, daycare centre information and several other topics.


Vapaavuori’s entire speech can be seen here. More information in English about Helsinki’s resources during the crisis can be found here.


During his roughly 17-minute speech, the mayor said it was particularly important for residents to stay healthy in these difficult times. He said everyone should go on daily walks while keeping a distance of at least two metres from others as well as maintaining good hand hygiene.

“We can beat this by sticking together,” Vapaavuori concluded.


More here.

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