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Finland: 700 China CCP Wuhan Virus Cases Confirmed, Government to Close Down Bars And Restuarants…….


How long the draconian measures will last is for the soothsayers to determine…

Coronavirus latest: 700 confirmed cases in Finland, PM aims to close bars and restaurants

This article includes the latest updates on the novel coronavirus outbreak in Finland.


  • Prime Minister Sanna Marin has confirmed that the government is preparing new restrictions
  • The number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in Finland stood at 700 as of Monday afternoon (23.3)
  • Finnair says it won’t board passengers with Covid-19 symptoms
  • More temporary layoffs expected in coming weeks
  • Viking Line to continue cargo routes to Sweden, Estonia


23.3 18:23 Finland’s 100,000 layoffs may just be the beginning

To date, as the novel coronavirus crisis has upended businesses across Finland, many companies have announced temporary layoffs of a total of around 100,000 workers, according to figures from the ministry of employment.


If the public health emergency doesn’t improve or worsens, that figure could be much higher, according to the chief economist of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Mika Kuismanen.


“It is difficult to estimate, but if the corona-crisis escalates and prolongs it is not impossible that the numbers will double,” Kuismanen said.


Read the whole article here.


23.3 17:25 Viking Line to keep Turku-Stockholm ships running


Ferry firm Viking Line has said it will keep its Turku-Stockholm route running despite the coronavirus pandemic. Our story is here.


23.3 15:59 THL confirms 700 coronavirus cases in Finland

Finland had 700 lab-confirmed cases of novel coronavirus as of Monday afternoon, according to the Institute of Health and Welfare, THL.


THL said that 50 patients were receiving hospital treatment, with 13 in intensive care.


Sixty-one percent of the patients are male with the remaining 39 percent are female.


To date, Finland has confirmed one death due to a novel coronavirus infection.


23.3 14:51 Construction sector difficulties

It’s a difficult time for all sectors of the economy, but construction seems to be continuing. For now at least. Here’s a look at how the building trade expects to adapt to coronavirus.


23.3 13:14 Marin to close bars and restaurants

Prime Minister Sanna Marin confirmed on Monday that the government is preparing to implement more restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus, such as ordering bars and restaurants to close and limiting movement. The leaders of the five government parties are to meet in the evening to discuss new measures.


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