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Finns Party Leader Halla-aho Says Borders Still Leaking Like a Sieve…….


Unlike Trump, the present Finnish government has both dwindled and dwaddled, only slowly implementing initiatives first mentioned by the chief opposition, Finns Party…

Halla-aho: Borders still leak like a sieve

We are inevitably heading towards a point where movement must be restricted first between parts of the country and then within cities – through a curfew, says Jussi Halla-aho, Chairman of the Basic Finns.


– Many are wondering why the government is constantly acting a week or two late. We know that quarantine measures are most effective if they are implemented BEFORE the virus starts to spread uncontrollably, writes Jussi Halla-aho on Facebook.


Halla-aho states that “the boundaries have now been closed” but they should have been closed a few weeks ago, that is, when people were still being flown to Bergamo with children and no action was taken by the health authorities.


– This is not a backlash. It was already discussed at the time.


Decision-makers fear responsibility


According to Halla-aho, it is a fear of responsibility.


– Radical measures, such as movement restrictions, will with certainty cause damage. Secondly, is the damage caused by the epidemic itself, which is both uncertain and unknown in extent.


“Preventive action also has the built-in paradox that if they work, that is, prevent the problem, one will never know with certainty whether the problem would have occurred at all,” says Halla-aho.


Halla-aho states that decision-makers are in a difficult situation.


– If he makes tough decisions in drops and is late, and they do not solve the problem, the audience cries out that more should have been done earlier.


“If he makes tough decisions ahead of time and prevents the problem, the public will shout that the actions were exaggerations and panic, and will point to the damage caused by the decisions, such as bankruptcies and job losses,” Halla-aho writes.


Italy and Spain are warning examples


The Chairman of the Basic Finns points out, however, that decision-makers are in a position precisely because one has to be able to take responsibility and make decisions.


– Decisions can be wrong, or they may cause political damage to themselves, even if they are right for society. Still, they have to be done.


– In Finland, the responsibility of the government is increased by the fact that we are not blind. We have seen in Italy and Spain what happens if action is not taken in time.


Finally, Halla-aho states the cold fact:


– I know the borders are still leaking like a sieve. I would point out above that a few weeks ago there was not even a need to restrict traffic.



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