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Finland: Ben Zyskowicz Finnish MP on communism Vs fascism debate on Finnish social media…….


Ben is 100% correct…



Ben Zyskowicz is a Finnish long-serving National Coalition politician (Kok) and member of parliament. In this video, he is addressing a recent situation in which the Finns Party youth wing’s second vice chair, Toni Jalonen self-identified as a Fascist. The Finns quickly removed him from the party.

The Finnish Left was quick to use Jalonen’s admission to paint the rest of the Finns Party with the wide brush of “Fascists”. Finns party members and their supporters were quick to point out that the Left Alliance, which is currently a member of the present newly formed government, has a member of parliament, Anna Kontula, who has come out as a bonafide Communist.

Serious questions arose as to why she still remains in the Left Alliance, as well as a sitting member of parliament. Why the double standards. Ben Zyskowicz is Finland’s only Jewish lawmaker, and certainly no friend of Fascists or Fasicsm in general. Here he makes a great many salient points as to why Communist and their supporters enjoy a measure of credibility in Finland, as well as why they shouldn’t.

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