France: Police Heavy handedness Against Yellow Vests Enters National Discussion…….


The Finnish media have basically kept a cordon sanitaire around this outrage…


How the ‘yellow vests’ made France have a national conversation about police violence

France is in the middle of a difficult and emotional conversation on the topic of police violence. Here’s why.

On Saturday February 8th, a small group of still-determined ‘yellow vest’ protesters took to the streets for the 69th consecutive weekend in several French cities.


In Bordeaux, around 5pm, a 19-year-old girl with a smartphone captured a scene of just 48 seconds, which, after she uploaded it online, was shared thousands of times in a couple of hours.


In the video a police officer can be seen walking briskly towards a line of people waiting outside what later was identified as the train station in Bordeaux.


The police officer turns towards one of the men in the line, a young man with a black hoodie who clutches something green in his hand. The officer is then seen to grab the man, kick him and throw him to the ground.


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