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A Finnish Leftist Progressive Laughs When Called a ‘Progressive’ Regressive…….


In a Twitter exchange, the person going by the handle of, Kersantti Karoliina, takes umbrage with my comment of her being an ”empty-headed left-tard. Then spends time proving my analysis of her to be correct…


Here’s my final response: 


The product of the Enlightenment (noted in the US Declaration and solidified in the Constitution) was the realization that the individual him/herself is sovereign. The state draws its legitimacy from these sovereigns (we the people).


Progressivism rejects the individual’s sovereignty by the mere fact it seeks to empower the state over the individual. It seeks to centralize concentrated power, thereby divesting the individual of that power on the local level. The progressive’s thirst for power in insatiable.


The cornerstone of progressive thought is how to empower the state in order to manufacture its vision of utopia. Using big government to raze the mountain tops and fill in the valleys in order to correct what they see as human imperfections.


Empowering a handful of mastermind elites to manage society. Where have we seen that before? The era before the Enlightenment and throughout human history. Progressives are in fact, regressive, a reactionary force rejecting the individual, and are at war with our civil societíes


NOTE: Being a sovereign is the very essence of Liberty (The unalienable, God-given right, to freely interact, legally, with the rest of the civil society with the least amount of government intervention possible) :


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