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YLE ‘journalist’ Palua Virén pimps Democrats’ propaganda as ”news”…….


Yet another dumber than dirt YLE ‘journalist’, Paula Vilén…


Vilén first piles on with the Democrats’ version of impeachment, giving weight to their sordid freakshow impeachment farce, this time backed by supposed “expert” lawyers, who in fact were Democrat hacks, all of whom gave substantial amounts of money to Democrat Party candidates. They were totally silent to the question of whether or not they have any material evidence that Donald Trump committed an impeachable offense. They were, however, all outshone by Jonathan Turley, the only real constitutionalist lawyer on the panel.


US Constitutional scholar Mark Levin on the Democrats’ panel of lawyers, he totally debunks Vilén’s faith-bound assumption of how relevant these hacks are:


I’m not choosing Vilén as someone to just attack for the sake of attacking, no. She (Vilén) represents the modern class of journalists who are not interested in actual fact finding for their stories, they’re more than happy to just translate into Finnish the Legacy (Fake News) Media’s echo-chamber talking points that are indiscernible from that of the DNC.


Reporter: Trump gets charged and named in history books, but Senate Republican majority rescues him from impeachment

In the reality of a politically divided US, impeachment would be the eighth wonder of the world, writes Paula Vilén, a US correspondent at YLE.


WASHINGTON U.S. House of Representatives, President Nancy Pelosi, announced today on Thursday that the Chamber of Deputies will start gathering civil prosecution against President Donald Trump.


The announcement was only a matter of time, because all the signs have long pointed out that Trump will become the third criminal prosecution President in the history of the United States.


This week, the predictions of the civil prosecution were strengthened further.


First, at the beginning of the week, the House Inquiry Committee published a report, the main observation of which was that Trump has abused his power and has been in a position to gain political benefit from the foreign, Ukrainian.


After the Legal Committee heard the constitutional experts yesterday, and in that hearing, the professors already listed a number of presidential violations of the criminal prosecution, including corruption, abuse of power and Seeking personal benefit from the foreign Power leader, was a game clear.


The situation interpretation was also prepared in the White House. Jo Tovi before the Pelos announcement, President Trump pointed out that if the Democrats intend to raise an official criminal prosecution, they would do so quickly so that the Senate could get a fair trial.



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