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JEFFREY LORD: The New York Times Hit Piece on John Solomon…….


The greasy (Holocaust/Holodomor-denying) smear rag is at it again…


For those of us who have held the media in check over the decades for its relentless attacks on the Jewish state of Israel, what Jeffery Lord is doing here with the NYSlimes is called “Fisking“.

The New York Times Hit Piece on John Solomon

You know you’ve scored when the New York Times runs a lengthy, front-page hit piece on you.


Ace journalist John Solomon has scored big time — and the left-wing Times has had enough of the “all the news that’s fit to print” coming from Solomon.


Here are samples from the Times hit piece. Allow me to translate.


The headline:

The Man Trump Trusts for News on Ukraine

Translation: If this particular president of the United States trusts John Solomon, that means Solomon

  1. Is not to be trusted
  2. Has specious credentials as a journalist
  3. Needs to be stopped because he is extremely effective at uncovering the truth

And, most importantly, John Solomon has been a leader on Sean Hannity’s “ensemble team” of journalists who have been relentlessly investigating the attempted coup d’état against the legitimately elected president of the United States. An investigation that has unearthed one fact after another after another in thoroughly documented fashion. This is totally unacceptable.

Next the Times says,

Mr. Solomon has been a surprisingly central figure in the impeachment proceedings so far. But the glare has not been so kind.

Translation: My God, Solomon is getting the truth! He has to be smeared — and stopped.

Next is this:

So who exactly is John Solomon? A Washington-based reporter and Fox News personality who had until recently been working at the politics outlet The Hill, Mr. Solomon, 52, is not well known outside conservative media. But, according to interviews and testimony, his writing and commentary helped trigger the chain of events that are now the subject of the impeachment inquiry into Mr. Trump.

Translation: He’s a star in conservative media? Then Solomon must be painted as not really a journalist.

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